A Thousand Cranes, Volume 7 – New Poetry Book Released!

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Genre: Poetry

Series: A Thousand Cranes

Paperback: 228 Pages


Looking Back

looking back
I would never have imagined
that things could ever be this good
but they are

looking back on all those painful nights I cried
with nothing I could do to ease it but keep walking
I never could have imagined I could finally find this
but I did

looking back on all the times I thought it was the end
that there was no way I’d ever be happy, that my life would be a despondent hell
I never could have imagined I could be so happy
but I am

looking back on all those times I tried & fell & struggled to get back up
because I’d tried too many times & didn’t know how much further I could go
I never could have imagined that my life could get better
but it did

& looking back on all the days I felt unworthy of reciprocation
& all the times I wondered what it would be like to have a friend
I never could have imagined that could belong here
as much as you make me feel
I never could imagine that I’d feel as loved
as you make me feel
I never thought I could be as happy as I am now
but I can

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 7 is a collection of 100 poems.



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A Thousand Cranes – Volume 6 – New Poetry Book Released!

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Genre : Poetry
Paperback : 206 Pages
From the book –

Clovers in the Sun

I once saw a clover shining in the sunlight
& in the background thru headphones, heroes
were singing about how we could do it
if only we were brave enough
& could be so when the times demanded this of us
if only we could be the heroes of our own stories
when there was no one else around to be our heroes

& like a bolt of stardust
falling from the sky
it hit me; I looked into my reflection
& bravely said
“I love you”

then I repeated this to the whole world & every soul in it
& my life was new

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 6 is a collection of 100 poems to inspire you.

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 4 – New Poetry Book Published

A Thousand Cranes 4


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I have labored many long hours
& put my very soul into my creations
I have imbued them with every bit of love inside my soul
& inside them you will find an exact documentation of the person I am
& the person I once was
& the person I am still yet to be

inside them you will find my every hope, my every dream
my fears, my sorrows, my angers
my messages to the world
mere messages in a bottle floating upon the endless ocean
waiting to arrive at the right place at the right time
so they can inspire the right person in the most perfect way imaginable
yes, often times they are messages of hope
messages that that can do this
messages to show them that the world is beautiful still
but sometimes they bring messages of anger or fear or sadness
yet in the end these feelings are just as important
important to feel, & important to acknowledge as well
important to remind others that they are not alone in their feelings
important to be aware of both the light & the darkness
for one could not exist without the other
& you couldn’t see the stars without the night

& so I permeate these words & sounds & images with these hopes & dreams
fears & angers & sorrows
painting a portrait of the soul inside my body
because in the end I have to
I have to show the world who I am
I have to release these messages in a bottle
these paper cranes
into the world
I have to free them from inside me & put them out into the world
have to liberate them from the chains they’ve come to know
release them from my bedroom window at night
when the moon is at her peak in the sky
or from the garden bench in the sunny afternoon
when the fragrant aromas of flowers drift into my nostrils
or from a balcony in the spring morning
when the breeze smelling of endless possibilities caresses against my skin
I must do this so these paper cranes can fly free

I must let them fly, must let them have their freedom
it is their right
just as it is mine

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 4 is a collection of 100 poems to inspire your day.


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A Thousand Cranes – Volume 2 – New Poetry Book Released

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A Thousand Cranes by Ashlee Craft


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Genre: Poetry

Paperback Length: 200 pages

the artist-poet
sitting on the porch steps out back
of the old Victorian house she inhabits
looking out towards the secret garden
where many magical things have happened
& the aroma of blossoming flowers
& the sound of frogs & crickets
& the smell of the cool night air
surrounding her as she looks out towards
the sky
waiting for
her one thousand paper cranes
to return to her again

she knows something wonderful is about to happen

A Thousand Cranes – Volume 2 is a collection of 100 poems that will inspire you & brighten your life.


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A Thousand Cranes – Volume 1 – New Poetry Book Published!

A Thousand Cranes

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Genre: Poetry

Paperback Length: 162 Pages



“a thousand cranes / a thousand cranes of paper flying in a giant rippling cloud high in the sky / setting out to find their own ways

She, the artistpoet, once took a thousand sheets of paper & placed them on the old oak table, & in the warm lighting of deep afternoon where tiny particles of dust caught the light like a thousand prisms sparkling in the air, folded a thousand paper cranes / taking her time to make each one perfect / putting her heart & soul & love into her work, making each sheet of paper come alive with every fold / & when the cranes were finished, she released them into the world & let them fly free / releasing them so they could do what they had to do”

A Thousand Cranes – Vol. 1 is a collection of 100 poems to inspire you and brighten your life.

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Little Bird – New Poetry Book Released!

Little Bird

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Genre: Poetry

Page Count: 126 Pages


Little Bird is a collection of 58 poems to motivate and inspire you.


From the book –

“the chains are gone I have decided to let go of what I was, so that I may embrace what I am yet to become & suddenly looking off into the distance & seeing the ship approaching me / the ship speeding onwards, slowing as it approaches the dock & with only dreams & the love I know held tightly in my hands, I board the ship ready ready for my new journey to begin”

Dancing in the Sunlight by Ashlee Craft – New Poetry Book Released!

Dancing in the Sunlight copy

Dancing in the Sunlight by Ashlee Craft

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Excerpt from Dancing in the Sunlight 

“Trying & Trying & Trying & Flying”

I know that if I keep trying
it is certain that I will learn to fly
because nothing great was ever accomplished
until you learn to try

sometimes it might seem like there is no way for me
like no matter what I do, I’m doing it wrong
but I know that the darkest hour is right before dawn breaks
& I must keep moving on

I’m looking for the future yet rejoicing in the present
yesterday has passed; I mustn’t keep re-reading that tale
I’m not who I was yesterday, I have no regrets or resent
for onwards, always onwards, is where I always sail

tomorrow is my second chance
second chances come every day
I know that if I look towards the future
that I will find a way

but I will not ignore the present, for all gifts lie in the Now
the beauty I’d be missing if I looked ahead of behind
& in today, in this moment, I will find out how
myself, with every step I take, I will find

my time has come, my time has come to be great
I’m ready, I’m ready, I shout with conviction in my voice
to become the person I am, I will never wait
my life belongs to me, happiness is my choice

I now know to trust in myself & follow my heart
I can be whatever I want to do or be
right now – I will not wait – I will make my start
& then, only then can I consider myself free

“What I Like the Most” from Autumn by Ashlee Craft

What I Like the Most

from Autumn by Ashlee Craft

apple cider shining like amber in the clear glass cup on the maple table on the stony tile of my house / warm steam rising steadily / apple pie steaming on the table covered in homemade vanilla ice cream, warm & cold in one bite / nutmeg & cinnamon & ginger & allspice scents aromas filling my nostrils & mind / wafting thru time & memories / pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust – reminding me of my childhood, beautiful & warm memories / baked apples colored peel red yellow green fall colored peel / warmth

the first breeze of fall / the air cooler & humidity evaporating / cool breezes of freedom & the first time you feel cold water coming from a tap / the end of summer & days are getting cooler & shorter / cold tap water at last, splashing it onto my skin / beauty

walking outside & walking into a Monet painting are not very different / all around you the artist’s palette painting beauty & wonder / color around everywhere you look & lighting up your eyes / leafs drifting drifting drifting drifting drifting down in front of my face from their tree branch sun mountains, landing on the cold gray sidewalk & blowing in the wind towards the highway where vehicles rush past & blow them further / a sense of freedom

then coming back in from the warmth of my sweater & sitting at the table along with friends & family & living the memories year by year / year by year / returning to this sense of peace, all it takes is the scent of fall air to which there is no match & Monet’s palette & unmatched beauty & warmth & the wonder of being near the ones you love the most / family

& as I sit here sipping apple cider & watching leafs gently drift onto the freezing ground, it brings me back to a simpler time of life & reminds me what I like the best / the warmth that comes after a cool fall day where leafs drift thru time & memory / forever entwined within my soul / fall is here

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Summer by Ashlee Craft – New Poetry Book Released

The sun shines down upon your face as you dance in the field of sunflowers. The smell of freshly mown grass fills the air and the flavor of watermelon lingers in your mouth. You run along the beach, picking up beautiful shells until night falls and you gaze up at the luminous moon and the twinkling stars. Experience the magic and freedom of summer with this collection of 23 poems.

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