Four Seasons

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Four Seasons

the magic of fall & the falling of leaves
the changing of seasons & the changing of trees
cozy & beautiful autumn
with images of the seasons yet to come
dancing with the fall leaves & the cool air
the warmth surrounding you everywhere
thanksgiving cornucopias, trick-or-treat
before sitting down for a family feast

the first snowflake gently falling
warmth, magic, & joy of the season calling
hot cocoa & a blanket by the fireplace
winter decorations filling each space
holiday memories, walking thru the snows
believing in Santa, watching caroling shows
the aroma of pine trees & cookies around
a season for giving & love & hope abound

the air is full of new life’s sound
snow melting & unblanketing the ground
flowers in bloom, butterflies soar
birds sing, the day waits, so open the door
bright flashes of flowers by the artist’s brush
grasses grow towards the sun, green & lush
sitting in the sun, watching baby animals play
rejoicing in the beauty of each spring day

summer is here, you dance with sunflowers
sitting on the hillside into evening hours
hear crickets, taste watermelon in the sun
& you laugh & play & dance & run
running on the beach & finding seashells
if they could tell stories, what would they tell?
the luminous moon & twinkling stars
& I know in my heart that this freedom is ours

four seasons four seasons
four different colors
bring out the best in us
show us the warmth of family
the gift of giving
the new birth of change
& the freedom of happiness
four seasons four seasons
& as they change
we change too
& with each change, discovering beauty
that we never knew

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