A Thousand Cranes, Volume 9

A Thousand Cranes 9

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Genre: Poetry

Paperback: 146 Pages

A Beginning

do you know what it’s like to finally feel like you belong
after drifting emptily onwards in empty forests,
empty cold gray skies of winter?
the lone crane flying, snowflakes fluttering amongst the beating of her wings
I’ve been out in the cold for so long

… but spring has finally come

do you know what it’s like to think that those around you care
that they think of you as a friend & have respect for you
only to later learn it was all a show, all a sham to try & make you join their cause?
the lone person wandering, invisible, & alone – no one sees her, no one hears
I’ve been walking alone for too long

… but now I’ve found a family

do you know what it’s like to look back upon a year ago
when the promise was made, even though I felt it was impossible
& to be able to look back on that now
& honestly say out loud to myself that I made it, I did it?
I’ve been trying to hard to get through this in one piece

… & I finally am starting to be okay

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 9 is a collection of 100 poems.

Kindle eBook


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