A Thousand Cranes, Volume 3 – Sample Chapter

A Thousand Cranes 3 CS


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A Crane About to Take Flight

the breeze is picking up

can you feel it in the air?

can you feel it in the air?

newborn wings just beginning to flap

flap for the first time

so the crane can fly free in the sky

free with the sun & the moon & the stars

free with the limitless birds

free with the soaring breezes & the gently swaying

meadow grasses

free from the sorrowful gravity that weighs her down

free from the deluging pains of boredom

free like she was intended to be

something wonderful is getting near

can you feel it in the air?

can you feel it in the air?

to freedom she is heading

to freedom she is heading

a crane about to take flight


Stirring in the Darkness

stirring in the darkness

silent call of the lark

over the lake I see the owls flying

calling down to the mice below

off in the distance is a harmonica crying

off to the west is my home

trees like towering warriors

sheltering me from harm

I crouch on the frozen earth

as I clear my path

I’ve suddenly seen through the glass that looks

in the sunlight reflecting on snow

I feel the power of the eternal glow

which all this time I stole, I took

through the dreams I felt at night

I knew no reason for evil or fright

selling what I owned & knowing what I had

I left the city & moved into the presence I’d once known

under the stars like I never knew

I drove on illuminated by the glow

I saw in the heavens my destiny

I saw the path in life I’d take to be free

playing for pleasure & working for joy

I knew what I’d found was hard to come by

light like I’d never known

shone onto the grass & into my soul

every darkened path became visible

as every darkened cloud’s silver lining appeared

the light suddenly faded & I saw the world

just as I’d seen it for many years before

but something in me remained, it wouldn’t be the same

I knew I could never know what darkness was again

stirring in the sunlight


I Want a Sweeping Romance

I want a soaring romance to lift me off my feat

to give me my first taste of what love is like

& when the storm blows I will reside within your arm’s retreat

someone to hold near when midnight the clock must strike

& a new day begins, to know what it feels to look into your eyes

intoxicated by your gaze as I hold your hand

within you the glory of one thousand universal skies

inside your heart you truly understand

but what if I search one hundred thousand miles for you

& still cannot find where your heart waits for me?

will you seek me out just as determined & as true?

I still wait for you, my love, as I hope someday you’ll see

I want a sweeping romance of a love crystal pure

& I will love you with everything I am, this I can assure


Little Secret Moments

little secret moments that no one is aware of

things only visible to my eye at that exact moment in time

because I happened to look a particular way at a particular second

in a particular state of mind

see the tiny blooming mango flower, or the bright red of a magnolia’s seeds

hear the crickets chirping out a melody, hear the wind rustling meadow weeds

a brief second in time in which everything is happy & bathed in perfection

little thoughts that fill my mind during personalized introspection

see the tree leaf falling slowly to the ground or see the sign unnoticed prior

see those people smiling at each other in pure love, the rose in the briar

buildings & special places in the forest where the water glistens

cars passing in the morning, quiet buzzing of bees only heard when you listen

morning light shining in the prism in my window, waves washing up shells from the sea

little things like these that belong only to me



there is so much darkness around me

like walking thru outerspace without light

like driving blindfolded

like walking along the dark dusty highways leading nowhere

the sky is dark & I can’t see what’s in front of me

walking blindly into the unknown

but the stars are just coming out

just appearing upon that sacred horizon

& now I know

that I will find my way


Footprints on the Heart

she sees the sign on the window that reads

you are right”

but anyone watching cannot pick a side, divided by their beliefs

she strums a single note onto the guitar

& all heads turn away from the freed

footsteps removed from the world have far longer to go

he whispers out a note on the wood

underneath the hawk’s nested fool

a forbidden drum beat from beneath his mind’s pool

as he snaps out of his crazy reality

his ears capture & he hears what he thinks he should

footsteps echoed in the hallway of dreams

that night

footsteps on the ocean & buried underneath the truth

copies of our heartbeats & the distant pounding of the hooves

footsteps in the meadow mingling with salted rain’s taste so tart

copies of the depths of our souls & footsteps on the heart

the woman & the man converse freely

without fear of being heard

the flutist in the back of the empty play of words

is forgotten with the night’s embark

as they laughed the melody of time

time itself was hidden in love’s first & last remark

out of the blue

soundtrack for the beginning

kind words of good luck at the end

a spin around in the rest of the earth

& I knew where I had to begin

footsteps on the ocean & buried underneath the truth

copies of our heartbeats & the distant pounding of the hooves

footsteps in the meadow mingling with salted rain’s taste so tart

copies of the depths of our souls & footsteps on the heart




in the beginning

the flowers bloomed without a trace of memories

in the beginning

my time was spent free & carelessly dreaming

in the beginning

I never had to worry

in the beginning I had no knowledge of what was to come

what would turn my world around


I was so naive

never had to plan ahead

I believed that things would always be the way

they had been when I was a child

easy & carefree & without the slightest trouble

yet in my innocence

I did not know what was to come

in the beginning,

I thought that all was well

that the sea was calm,

although a storm was brewing & would turn the tables round

behind the scenes I couldn’t see what conspired

although somewhere in the back of my mind

I had thought of these possibilities

it had never occurred to me that things would be changing

so soon

& time passed like evening flowers blooming

growing every season until

I saw that all this time I was right



it looms above me like a dark shadow

it calls like wild beasts prowling in the night

it ticks like a time bomb at any moment could detonate

it screams like the prisoner alone in the cell

it blots out the sun like a hurricane’s wrath

it hides like the frightened trembling animal

it accepts the blows like Invictus’ captain

it does what is possible to keep hold onto the ship’s railing

it grasps the rope on the side of the mountain

it perseveres like the grass growing ever towards the sun

it climbs to the top of the mountain so it can see the whole wide world

it dances in the sunlight to the invisible music

it smiles & sighs with contentment, crying tears of joy

when the relief of a new day rolls round

& it forges its life from the block of marble

& creates it into what it wants to be


Doing Okay

you know it’s kind of

interesting how it all started

a few days ago

it seemed like it was going to be like every other time

the clouds rolled around & the thunder crashed

& the monsoon rain flooded the sky

& teardrops rolled down from the clouds & splashed against my pillow

it seemed like it was happening all over again

& I couldn’t be bothered to stop it because I knew it was true

but it wasn’t actually a storm

just cloudy skies overhead

& it’s a new emotion

new emotions are often good or at least interesting

I’ve never actually felt this way before

I’m lost & unhappy & frightened & dissatisfied & I don’t know what to do

I’m lost out on the sea alone alone alone

I don’t know where to go any longer

because everywhere I can think of that’s easily reached

is impossible or isn’t worth the effort in the end

& everything worth it is difficult & a little frightening

& I don’t know if it must come to that yet

there’s nowhere for me to go

like I’m standing homeless in the street trying to grasp the things that are mine

but few things belong to me any longer

I’m unhappy with the way things are

filled with various moments of contempt for the monotony of my life

yes just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I’m not bored underneath it all

I’m unhappy with every single day being exactly the same as the day before

every single day being exactly the same as the day before

every single day being exactly the same as the day before

sometimes making progress but never stepping forwards

& yet I don’t know what to do to change it

I’m afraid, so afraid

afraid of asking about what I might want because I don’t want to hurt you

or make things worse for you in your life

but can’t you see this is hurting me?

who must win this in the end?

afraid of trying & only finding more & more of this

but only Emptiness looming behind me & knocking on the door

(behind me behind me, in the past)

& I’m dissatisfied

dissatisfied of being happy & letting myself bask in sunshine for the moment

because I know that until something changes

really, actually, truly changes, I will always fall back upon this

& so I must resolve to remain this way

until I am courageous enough to change it

or else I’ll just keep on coming back to this

& I don’t know what to do

I don’t want to ask & I don’t want to make too drastic a change

I don’t want to hurt you or ruin things forever

I don’t want to have regrets

I’m lost & unhappy & dissatisfied & I don’t know what to do

but I’m not broken & or unusually desperately down, struggling to save myself from drowning or frantically hiding tears rolling down my cheeks, forcing myself to stand straight & hide lying down on the floor under a blanket whenever I can

for now, I’m doing okay


Lying on My Back on My Bed

lying on my back on my bed

my piles of soft blankets

around my arms

engulfing me like a cocoon & caressing

my skin

my dog lies beside my feet on the end of my bed

I watch him breathing softly

upon his face, contentment

my heart fills with adoration for him

pillow soft as a cloud beneath my head

the morning light streams in my window

& my prism, a pendulum dancing upon my wall

casting rainbows across my floor

the air is filled with magic

I could only hope to be as radiant as the sun

& that which inspires me

pretty thoughts fill my mind

today is going to be a good day


Twinkling Lights

starlight in the night

moon glistening on the water

like electrified dolphins caressing the water

beams of electricity sparking across the water

there is reason to hope there is reason to hope

smell the night air gently filling the room

hear the crickets chirping

& smile at the moon

maybe things are not so bad after all

can you remember that first night we were here?

how after weeks of filling boxes & tying up loose ends

how after a tired day of packing the moving truck

outside in the heat, driving all the day

late at night we finally reached our destination?

how we were all tired & sore & dirty & yet we felt wonderful?

How we had a quick pizza & soaked long in the bathtub?

can you remember the first night we were there?

how when I was on the driveway I felt that this time things would be different?

how things would be better?

can you remember the way we felt so safe out there in the sacred darkness

only stars playing witness to our deep emotions & passionate love?

can you remember how we knew, just somehow knew that everything would now be better for us?

& how after the long day & all the trials we faced

we nestled into our warm safe bed

how we looked out the window at the lake behind the house

& we saw the lights from every house surrounding it shining down

sparkling into the water?

remember how beautiful that was?

& the sense of belonging we felt then?



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