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Ambition In The City

What do you love?  Have any of your recent actions openly expressed this love?


When we can recognize what it is that makes our hearts sing, there is no telling our capacity to impact change in this world. Doing what you love is not only an open expression of the love you have for yourself, but of the love you wish to share with the world. When we actively ignore those things that bring us alive, we deny ourselves, and the world from experiencing our purpose. Love yourself.  This is not an act of selfishness. This is an act of self acceptance. It is the acceptance of your authenticity and greatness and this is something we all carry.  No one person is more or less deserving of loving each and every moment of their lives.  When we demonstrate love through our actions and decisions we connect to our truth. We step…

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Things That Make Me Happy #18

Full Moon


♥ The full moon

♥ Yellow highlighters

♥ Libraries

♥ Well-developed characters

♥ Keri Smith’s books

♥ Using Excel to organize my ideas & chart my progress

♥ Songs that make me feel good

♥ Fresh air

♥ Clean water

♥ Being fit & healthy

♥ Feeling beautiful

♥ Inspiring others

♥ Great books

♥ Smiling

♥ Green tea

Weekly Photo Challenge: World Through My Eyes


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  

~Anaïs Nin 

   The view from my bedroom window on a random saturday morning

Optimistic rays stream through the blinds and brighten and enlighten the grand Japanese maple that lives outside my bedroom window.  A bright and lively Saturday morning.  The day is open and the possibilities are endless!

Looking up on purple dogwood buds by SBI

The trees of the neighborhood bloom with the vibrant color of life.  The morning sun shines upon them beckoning them to open to it’s warmth.  It feels great to be alive!

View through my eyes tree near work

The bright morning sun is a constant companion as I walk.  It’s beams shoot through the boughs of green trees in thin rays of light that splatter and dapple the ground. 

Reaching for the sunny skies the world is full of optimism in my eyes…..

Happy Summer! 




“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”  
~Paulo Coelho,     The…

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Summer Poetry Art Book Sample


Summer Poetry Art Book



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On the Beach

On the Beach

emerging from the car arms filled with floats towels toys & sunscreen / rushing across the sandy pavement & towards the sturdy wooden boardwalk where a blue tongued lizard suns itself on the railing / the sound of laughing & yelling blowing with the warm humid summer air & the smell of salt thick in the air & the sounds of the waves crashing in the near distance & the warm sun beating down upon your skin & reminding everyone of their childhood


the ocean approaches & you can see the shapes of surfers & boaters & swimmers rushing across the waters & the beauty of the crystal clear blue waters reflecting the brilliant hues of the cloudless sky / a lifeguard sits in a tower keeping a careful watchful eye upon everyone & takes a sip of water from a blue canteen that hangs on the chair


you take off your shoes & you feet sink down slightly into the warm sacred sand & you feel it creeping between your toes & warming your feet / the soft warm roughness of the sand caressing you as you walk across the hills & mounds & mountains of sand towards the water / you can hardly contain your excitement to get to the water so you rush ahead, your arms pinning your towel & pail to your sides


as you dance in the sand you hear the white-capped waves gently washing against the shore & suddenly you look down & see the perfect place to sit


“over here!” you yell as your family follow behind you, so much slower to get here than you / they smile at you & you grin back, but you’re suddenly distracted by the shape of a purple shell at your feet


“I found one!” you shout as they reach you / immediately you sit down in the warm sun & begin / you smell the warm scent of the sunscreen you applied earlier & it smells like coconuts / you begin digging a small hole in the sand with your hands & you plan on making this hole into a pool which you’ll fill with water later / finally your family sits down & you grab out your pail & begin piling wet sand from by the ocean’s edge into the pail & then dumping over the bucket & decorating the castle with shells / carving out the doors & windows then pretending your hand is a person & the castle is their home


finally it’s time to go swimming so you take your clothes off revealing your bathing suit beneath & you slather sunscreen on & you rush towards the water, yelling & waving your arms / in pure utter joy / splashing into the cool salty waves that rush & gush rush rush gushing around your toes wiggling in the sand / you see a seashell underwater & you bend down to pick it up / a wave washes over your head soaking your face as you do / sputtering & shaking the salt water from your face / but you continue out a little ways into the water so that it’s touching your chest / you stand here splashing & walking along in the ocean & putting your face in the water looking thru goggles at the sea floor pretending you’re a submarine captain & then a famous diver hunting for pearls on the sea floor / the sun is hot above you but the water is so peaceful & calm & cool, gently carrying you with it & you smile as the sun glints off the water / your arms & legs & fingers & toes enjoying the salty coolness of the water & the sand beneath your feet where you feel broken bits of shells & the ancient sand


finally it’s time for lunch & you emerge from the water, happy & your skin’s all wrinkly from the water but the sun feels so nice as you emerge dripping wet your feet now covered with dry dusty sand / you approach the checkered picnic blanket & plop down, cleaning the sand & salt from your hands before grabbing a cheese sandwich from the woven basket & biting into the soft bread / you eat your sandwich & when you’re done you go over to the sand & build a whole sand castle village / suddenly you remember the pit you were digging earlier & you dig it a little deeper then fill your bucket up with water & make a bunch of trips to the water back to your hole trying to fill it up with water / but the water just soaks in / how about building it closer to the water someone suggests / so you head near the water & dig another pit, sand getting caught beneath your nails as you dig dig dig / sun warming your back skin glowing in the light / suddenly a bit of water comes thru the bottom of your pit & begins filling it a little / you sit in this miniature pool smiling feeling the warm water collecting around you / just then a huge cool wave washes over the shore, filling your hole & washing the sand from your legs / you laugh & dig your hole a little bigger then sit back & relax in the little pool you’ve made, making a sand castle alongside of it & trying to build a barrier wall to keep the waves from getting in / perfect happiness


eventually it becomes time to go home / everyone reluctantly gathering up their belongings & buckets & towels & baskets & heading towards the car / your tanned skin glows warmly in the sun as you walk across the boardwalk / you reach the parking lot, putting your flip flops back on / you spread a towel on the back seat of the car & sit down in your seat, feeling the quiet peaceful happiness that only enters one’s soul after a day on the beach


 Under the Stars

Under the Stars


underneath the stars lying on our backs on a blanket laid out in the

damp grass gazing up at the sky & the moon

& stars twinkling gently in the still beauty

& peace of the night

& everything is absolutely perfect as we make up stories about the stars & what they mean & how they came to take their places in the sky


underneath the stars enjoying the beauty of the moment

as the crickets & frogs chirp & sing in the background

& the warm beautiful humid sacred air around us

& comforting cloak of the darkness

& us sharing our secrets & our hopes & fears & dreams & talking about our lives & moving onwards & what we plan to do tomorrow & the next day & next year


underneath the stars soaking in what it means to be alive

grinning & then sitting in silence & speaking without works

& the stars keep watch over us thru the darkness

& the sun is only waiting a little while away

& looking at all of you who mean so much to me

I know that I could never find a more perfect place to be & I know I could never find nicer friends or a more perfect place than this clearing under the stars



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Project: Painting 52

letters from mars

brushesLet’s get to the ugly truth: I’m one of those who love to start projects but struggle with finishing them. It’s even harder when it comes to painting, where I sometimes already struggle with the start: If I don’t pick up the brushes constantly, I develop a strange fear. I look at at them in the corner of my room and I feel them staring back at me rebukingly, but I’m afraid to do what I actually want to do: paint. As if I could only fail my own expectations and then something really horrible will happen (monsters?) and so it’s safer to not start at all. The fact that I still haven’t finished project xy strengthens the case that I can not start something new by now. But at that point I have those new projects in my mind and it seems impossible to focus on an “old” one…

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