Revelations – A Poem From My Upcoming Book, A Thousand Cranes, Volume 10

finish the half drawn paintings.
their time has come to be seen &
cease hiding between shadows

stop staring into the blank pools of eyes
of the people you left behind in your past
you left them behind for a reason
do not convince yourself otherwise
you will feel so much better without them

you were not born to be their puppet
to clean the shit off the shoes of those who try to control you
you are better than that: better than being told you’re invisible
better than living someone else’s dream for them
you deserve better

stop hiding in forgotten crevices
simply because you are too afraid to be seen
resolve from thinking you aren’t good enough for them
you are so good that they wonder
how they never saw the likes of you before

let yourself be, you are a child of the universe
be gentle with yourself, you deserve to feel better
forgive yourself from the past wrongs
& know that better things are waiting for you
& that when the time comes, you will face them
& be radiant

(c) 2014 Ashlee Craft

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