Fields of Destiny – Debut Pop/Folk/Rock Album Released!

Fields of Destiny-1

I am so excited to announce the release of my debut album, Fields of Destiny! After many long hours spend working on it, it’s finally finished, and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s a combination of pop, folk, and rock, three of my favorite genres, and I wrote and recorded all of the songs here.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Great Day (3:16)

2. Shooting Star (3:14)

3. The Strength of Hope (3:26)

4. You’ll Never Own Me (3:50)

5. I Tried in the Night (5:32)

6. I Know You Can Make It (4:23)

7. I’m Going Out to Be Free (8:14)

8. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (5:03)

9. Great Day (Reprise) (1:23)


Reasonably soon, my album will be available on Amazon MP3 for download, but until then, you can hear it on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Have a fantastic day!

Ashlee-Craft copy


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