Poetry Review – wafting towards heaven by Alx Uttermann

wafting towards heaven by Alx Uttermann is one of the finest poetry books I have ever read, and I think it is simply lovely, illuminating, and highly profound. I thoroughly enjoyed every single poem in this book. It’s the kind of poetry book that gives you many great insights and ideas, and the kind that you want to read over and over again because it is so beautiful. The poems are odes to spirituality, to the small and beautiful things in life, and to life itself. While I love all the poems in this book, my two very favorites are the first and last poems, “one day, say everything” and “it’s simple”, respectively. “one day, say everything” reminds me of what it is like to be a writer, and the last lines of “it’s simple” give me chills because they are perfect. If you’re looking for beautiful and amazing poetry, this book is for you.

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