New Life, New Day Poetry Book Sample

New Life New Day



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Before the New Life


reaching backwards towards the past –


you must end one chapter

before you can begin the next


the butterfly must shed the caterpillar’s skin

before it can fly


the sun must set

before it can rise again


the night must end

before the day begins


the fear must leave

before potential can enter


the seed must grow

before the blooms appear


you must leave the past behind

before you can embrace the future


& I, like the sunshine, must move on

  • take a step forwards

before the new life can begin


watching the sunrise for the very first time / & freeing the souls captured in the night / I watched the first drops of rain splatter on the dry cracked earth

the dove above me calls / buzzing sound of traffic in the city distance / I feel the beating of the wings of the green dragonfly matching the beating of my heart / looking into the cloudless blue sky another dove joins in harmony flying free amongst the clouds / as I set out to contemplate what is meant to be

the trees rustle their arms in the distance cheering for the breeze to rush by them invigorating & true / safe & sound wrapped up in their warm embraces covered by the sacredness of earth safe safe safe gentle amongst my sisters & brothers / blanketed by the sun but shaded by the trees reverently I regard the spectacle of discovering the destiny of life & friendship / happiness surrounding me, conducting the orchestra of the meadows / flowers dancing in time with the breeze

& I dance with them


waking up to the golden glow of

morning shining &


thru my curtains

a brand new day

it’s just the


eyes bleary & half-closed

in the sacred moments

after a good dream has ended

& you haven’t fully


reality yet

parting the heaviness of the

blinds & squinting

at the bright fresh morning

the sun

a golden yellow ball

clouds surrounding it

reflecting back the colors

thru the mist upon the glass

opening the window

exhilarated exhilarating

breathing in a full breath

of fresh misty morning air

the day is so filled with


& possibilities

it’s a canvas just waiting to be painted

& you are the artist

paint the morning

with all of your favorite colors

– you are the artist

Build Your Parachute On the Way Down

divest in the dangling & daring adventures & throw the ship out & away from the safe harbor & build your parachute on the way down / do not be afraid to fly / divert your believing eyes into the magical light of the sun’s rays hugging you close / the warm cloak of night like a tent blanket to keep you safe & warm / the new life awaits you / do not be afraid to face it / do not be afraid to fly

the sun doesn’t hesitate to rise on the horizon / the stars don’t hesitate to shine in the sky / the breeze doesn’t hesitate to blow thru the meadows / the flowers don’t hesitate to bloom in the spring / the rain doesn’t wait to fall upon the ground / the shooting stars don’t wait to soar / what are you waiting for?

dance in the delightful deluge of happiness like a monsoon, marvelous & majestic & magical / the royal blue & gray mountains are behind you / you’ve reached the top on your own / you’ve made it to the sacred warmth of the forest once again / but it is time to journey out / & everything will be so easy for you, so beautiful, so wonderful, that it will seem as though it was touched by a golden hand & sprinkled with magic fairy dust / the world will sparkle & shine & everything will align itself perfectly to let you walk thru & experience each beautiful moment in full life color / the stars will dance with you / the music in the air will suddenly reveal itself to you / the moment that you realize that your life will only be as easy or as hard as you want it to be / the moment that you realize that happiness is your decision and you are only as happy as you choose to be / your soul will dance free on the beaches of fine crystal sands near the shimming blue sea the moment that you realize everything is possible

but you have to take the first step / you can’t just sit there & expect things to happen & dreams to come true / sure, you might be afraid to take the plunge / you may be afraid to take the first step, speak the first word, make the first move / but sometimes you just have to jump & build your wings on the way down / sometimes, you just have to fly

Shedding My Cocoon

hiding in the deep dark warmth

cuddled around myself

thinking deep thoughts & breathing slowly

eyes clamped shut against the darkness around me

certain sense of urgency & expectations

like something amazing is about to happen

& somehow I know that the time has come

the time has come to stop this hesitation

the time has come to stop these reservations

the time has come to open my eyes

the time has come to fly

suddenly I hear a sound

a loud sound surrounding me

& the ground beneath me seems to be falling

& I open my eyes to see a glimmer of light thru a crack

in the cocoon

I know it’s time for me to be free

fresh air enters my nostrils

invigorating me as I push towards the opening

& fall out onto the branch below me

in the bright brilliant glorious sunlight

of a brand new day

sitting there blinking & trying to get used to the

sunlight once again as it glints in my eyes so used

to the darkness

I smile

I smile

I smile

knowing that my time to shine has come at last

I try to lift my wings

but they’re a little damp still & don’t do anything

so I sit & contemplate the beauty & the magic of the day

& watch as leaves float from tree branches

in the humid stale marvelous summer afternoon air

in perfect peace

in perfection

my wings are dried

but I’m afraid

afraid that when I try to fly

I’ll fall to the ground

afraid that something will go wrong

or that my rainbow wings won’t work right

afraid that when I fly

it won’t be as amazing as I imagined it would be

afraid of being disappointed

afraid of failing

but the only true failure would be to give up

& only with giving up would I be disappointed

so I must spread my wings

& try

for the time has come to stop this hesitation

& the time has come to stop these reservations

the time has come to open my eyes

the time has come to fly

I spread my wings & flap them in their clumsy newness

& let go of the safe hold on the tree

soaring up into the sunlight

every color in the world reflecting from me

my heart is soaring even higher

& it touches the stars above

it’s even better than I dreamed it would be

it’s even better than I imagined


I’m finally flying

flying towards my destiny

I’m soaring thru the air

finally free

because I took a chance

spread my wings

& soared


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