Thank You, 2013: A Letter to an Amazing Year

Dear 2013,


Thank you for being an excellent & amazing year. You were probably the best year of my life so far. Sure, you had your trials & tribulations, your downfalls & deep sorrows, but you were also filled with deep, unrestrained joys, ineffable magic, indescribable beauty, unexpectedly wonderful successes, & lots of love. You were probably the year that taught me the very most about myself, & I think that in this year, I really became myself more than any other year before. I stopped being afraid to show the world who I was. I stopped being afraid of what others would think of me, stopped letting others and my fears rule my life, & I realized truly that my life was mine & mine alone, & that if something was wrong in my life, it was my job to change it. No one else could change my life for me. I had to be the hero of my own story. 2013 was the year that I really bloomed. I became all that I could be. I released 20 books, 2 songs, 2 short films, & countless photos & paintings. I was featured on Fox News & got to see myself on television (which was really awesome!). I figured out who I was & started living life the way I believed in. I realized just how strong, how beautiful, how brave, & how incredible I was, & that if I kept on trying, I could do anything. You were the year that showed me that I could do this. 

2013, thank you. Thank you for everything amazing, magical, happy, & outstanding that you gave me.

Here’s to 2014, which I think will be even better. Here’s to more magic, more beauty, more love, more kindness, more happiness, & a new beginning.

Best wishes,

Ashlee-Craft copy


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