Things That Make Me Happy #20

Under the Stars



♥ Cozy piles of blankets & pillows in bed

♥ Penguins

♥ My iPod touch

♥ Photos

♥ Romance

♥ Fall weather

♥ Sunlight

♥ Houseplants

♥ Gardening

♥ The homemade cranberry relish my dad makes

♥ Key limes (just had my very first key lime earlier today!)

♥ Being inspired by people

♥ Inspiring other people

♥ Giving kindness to others & knowing that what I do makes a difference in someone else’s life

♥ Liberating myself & being free to be who I am

♥ Discovering who I am & just what I can be

♥ Dancing in my room at night to feel-good music

♥ Happiness


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