Shipwrecked – New Book Released



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Captain Holden burst from the cabin of the ship and onto the deck.
“Tami, the ship is sinking! The hull is filling with water, and we’re going down fast!”
Fear coursed through me, and immediately, I was fully awake.
I jumped up, grabbing the handle of my duffel bag and slinging it over my shoulder.
“Here, put this life jacket on. Quickly!” He shouted, panic filling his usually calm voice.
I put the life jacket on in a rush, my brain barely comprehending exactly what was happening. Everything that was happening was so abrupt and shocking that it all seemed like a dream.
“Jump! Jump down! Jump clear of it!” Captain Holden screamed. Even from where I stood, I could see the look of utter terror in his eyes.
Blindly following his instructions, I jumped over the side of the boat, still clutching my duffel bag.



Kindle eBook


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