10 Facts About Me

Yellow Daisy
Yellow Daisy – one of my many flower photographs

1. My favorite color is yellow. I’ve always loved yellow because it’s the most cheerful color! I also love purple, orange, blue, pink, & green

2. I love comedy & puns. Does anyone want to play a bored game? How about taking a trip to a tropical pair of dice?

3. I have a very eclectic sense of EVERYTHING. I love knowing about everything & being influenced by everything. Because of this, I have about a billion hobbies & interests, including archaeology, button collecting, cooking, dancing, science, architecture, and too many other things to name here. Basically, I’m passionate about everything.

4. When I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I continued to want this career for several years. Then I lost interest in it.

5. Mystery & action/adventure are my very favorite genres of books & movies, particularly books. My very favorite author is Agatha Christie & the Sherlock Holmes books are my favorite books.

6. Flowers are one of the best things about life. I love all types of flowers & am absolutely mesmerized by them. That’s why I love photographing them so much.

7. I love a large percentage of music genres. One minute I’ll be listening to classical, the next minute, hard rock. I’ll listen to jazz, then follow that up by Top 40 pop music, & after that, Indian Classical. Still, my very favorite music is feel-good music of any genre, as well as classic rock, pop, jazz, & pop-rock.

8. If I could have any superpower, I think I’d choose the superpower to fly, because that would just be awesome.

9. Every time I see a movie, even if it’s not all that great, it still reminds me of just how much I love acting.

10. I know how to knit and crochet. I’ve been doing both ever since I was 13/14 & in that time, I’ve made many interesting things.


Now that you know 10 various things about me, I’d love to know 10 various things about you! Let me know ten facts about you in the comments section below 🙂


Have a fantastic day,

Ashlee-Craft copy


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