NaPoWriMo – Day 25 – Who Do I Want to Become?

Who Do I Want to Become?

who do I want to become?
I stand at these crossroads
many pathways laid out in front of me
the road splits here
& I’ve got to decide which path to take

four roads to freedom
& only one leading to where I need to go
but all the roads can look similar from back here

I know not to pick the dark road
it looks frightening so I turn away
but three roads remain
one too easy but dissatisfying
one will lead me right back to where I’m standing now
& one will lead me to where I belong

I stand for a while
lost in my indecision
looking at each road & contemplating where each one
may lead me
but it’s all so confusing
& I feel so lost

I sit on the ground
arms wrapped around my knees
trying to console myself
& make a decision

I look to the roads
through one I can see difficult mountains
freezing valleys
dark forests
& winding paths that lead the wrong way
but in the end
it leads me to where I know I need to be

but this path appears so difficult
it would be so much easier to
merely go down one of the other paths
so easy, so easy
to turn down the easy road
or the road that leads nowhere
so much easier than the road that lies ahead of me –
this road leading me to where I belong

I take a deep breath
brush the dirt from my clothing
& stand with my head held high
it’ll take courage
yes, lots of courage
to take the hard road
but in the end
every single step I take will be well worth it

I cannot settle for less than the life of my dreams
& so I begin my journey
now I know who it is
that I want to become
I know who I am

© 2013 Ashlee Craft


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