NaPoWriMo – Day 24 – Justifications of Jaded Jaunts

Justifications of Jaded Jaunts

ladies nights & lasting surmises of superstitious peonies parading thru the romantic streets at night by the nightlight nightlife gaining & losing in the holden bin carriages on ships & noisy suppositions joining in with the choir & finding the grating sound of car tires over sewer grating intriguing / exploring the expressive lights & colors of the darkness / listening to the wind thru the trees & the applicable peace of listening listening thru boxcars of run down & run over train tracks gathered alongside the misted canyons of dreaded warrior words, going into battle wearing only their roman sandles and expensive sunglasses / taking your time to do it right & gaining ground by the sound of candlelight flickering in the silent living room questioning poetry & Jazz as raindrops beat beat beat outside my window & thunder RUMBLES in the distance as the world is just waking up / all the way thru the havens of hallowed jaded jaunts thru the legitimate & legalities of life / learning the lost words to the songs we’ve forgotten & running out into the darkned & damp streets in the pale of night to sing them / leaning against the brick walls & engaging all our senses to understand the xylophonic chimes bouncing off cement & puddles of water / entering the buildings & hearding fantastical fantasies played out on small haikus written with a cheap pen on the walls / neverending circular grasp of words winding round the posts into the sunny gables of poetic hallways with neon pink décor / gardens of joy ecstatic to be there & all that, standing with your back to the wall & your face to the sun / Iooking at the ground & picking up crisp pieces of old yellowed newspaper & hanging them gently on the walls of your house so you can decpiher them in your paid time / newspaper clippings blowing thru your garden again & landing pushed by the wind up agianst your petunias & you pick these up too / soon, too soon to be sure of the meaning of it all but like a scent hound getting close you feel it in the vibrations beneath your feet / bigger & better than you ever imagined / elusive animal of success flying away just as you are about to reach it but you are ready / ready to get it at last & discard the old shattered record shards lying on your floor for the new music of the forests / golden beams of sunlight thru the trees sparkling in nostalgic remembrances of jaded jaunts thru worried forests on days when you were lost / days before you found that map of newspaper clippings leading you to where you belong & reminding you of Why

© 2013 Ashlee Craft


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