NaPoWriMo – Day 19 – Taking the Reins

Taking the Reins

you sat there & told me your plan
it sounded good enough to me –
not exactly what I wanted but it could work
so reluctantly I agreed
but it just seemed & felt wrong

it took me until the next day to realize this
I thought about it & considered every angle
& then the more I thought about it
I realized it wasn’t what I wanted
& that I had to forge myself a different path
than the one you’d chosen for me

this decision was set in stone further
when your plan changed from the orginal
& became a fading shadow
of the mundane idea it had been in the beginning
I listened but inside knew what I wanted
& who I was

& it was that night that I vowed
vowed that I would make it there
vowed that I would show everyone what I could do
& that I didn’t need their idea to be happy
& I took the reins
& rode off into the sunrise, heading home

© 2013 Ashlee Craft


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