NaPoWriMo – Day 12 – Old Books

Old Books

the smell of old books sitting on shelves / musty & yet fresh smelling holding onto the scent of memories / where have these books been what have they seen who has owned them / how many tears have been cried over them, how many smiles have they made, how many lives have they changed / what have they witnessed / who have they known
& now they sit on shelves in bookstores & libraries / maybe they were once well loved / maybe they still are now / & to the ones no longer read & loved – when will they find a home once more / when will they know the joy of being read & inspiring others with their stories / when will they be safe & sound & loved once more
sitting on shelves, their beautiful old-book smell
stories hidden inside their pages
waiting to be revealed

© 2013 Ashlee Craft


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