31 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

I love doing random acts of kindness. It makes me feel so good to know that my actions have brought happiness to another person, and when you give kindness, you get so much back in return. That’s reason enough for me being kind to people as often as possible. But sometimes, I really want to do something nice to someone, but I have no idea what to do! Here, I’ve compiled a list of acts of kindness you can today. I hope this list helps you make someone’s day at least a little better!

1. Upon departing, tell someone to have a fantastic day, a wonderful day, etc. Anything but the generic, overused, and habitual “have a good day”.

2. Buy flowers for a stranger, or for someone you know who would enjoy them. Remain anonymous.

3. Buy a can of food at the grocery store and donate it to the local food bank

4. Smile at someone

5. Give someone a compliment

6. Call a local charity and find out how you can help

7. Write an inspiring quote or message on a piece of paper and leave it in a public place or inside of a library book

8. Talk to and spend time with a someone who looks lonely

9. Introduce yourself to someone new

10. Treat your family and friends as nice as you can

11. Call up an family member or friend you haven’t spoken to recently

12. Gather up old clothing and donate to Goodwill or a homeless shelter

13. Buy the groceries for the person ahead of you in line

14. Leave some change in a public place for someone to find

15. Say thank you to someone and genuinely mean it

17. Let someone in line ahead of you

18. Offer to help your neighbors with something

19. Buy food and give it to a homeless person

20. Listen to others

21. Brainstorm ways you can use your skills to help a charity or person and make a definite plan for doing this. If you can do some type of craft or art, you could make something and raffle it off. If you’re good at planning, offer to help a charity plan their next event.

22. Tell someone near to you how much you love them

23. Do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return

24. Say hello to someone you pass in the street

25. Give up your seat on the bus for someone

26. Gather up old books and donate them to the library

27. Hold the elevator for someone

28. Anonymously send money to a friend who needs it

29. Put your cart back at the front of the store when you’re done

30. Give your waiter a big tip

31. Share your happiness with everyone you meet


I hope this list inspires you to brighten someone’s day today! 🙂

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