100 Ways to Reward Yourself


So, you’ve accomplished something you’re proud of. Maybe you got the job you applied for. Maybe you lost weight, gave up a bad habit, or sold another copy of your eBook. Or maybe, you merely took a step the next step towards your dream. You’ve done something great and you deserve to be rewarded for what you’ve accomplished. Here’s a list of 100 easy, inexpensive, healthy, and fun ideas for rewarding yourself for making progress!

1. Drink a cup of coffee or tea

2. Buy an used book

3. Watch one of your favorite movies

4. Play with your pets or kids

5. Listen to your favorite song (yes, as loudly as you’d like to! Blasting great music when you’ve done something awesome is a good way to reward yourself)

6. Dance to a great song (even if you can’t dance)

7. Download an MP3 of a song you love

8. Take a nap

9. Go for a walk outside. Enjoy the fresh air and any nature you might see.

10. Give yourself a day off

11. Eat a really nice dinner

12. Buy something you’ve wanted for a while

13. Release just how awesome it feels to have gotten to where you are. Give yourself a pat on the back and bask in the glory of your accomplishment. You deserve it.

14. Watch funny videos on YouTube

15. Try a new food, one that you’ve wanted to try for a while

16. Sit and do whatever you want for an hour

17. Take a long bath or shower

18. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go

19. Write a blog post/tweet/post/poem/etc about how you feel

20. Tell someone how you’re getting closer to your goal or that you reached your goal

21. Plan for the next step forward

22. Enjoy one of your guilty pleasures

23. Make a playlist of songs that describe how wonderful you feel

24. Play a fun online game (Tetris is my personal favorite!)

25. Bake something yummy

26. Spend some time doing your favorite hobby

27. Go out with friends

28. Take a bubble bath

29. Play a board game

30. Blow bubbles, skip, or do something else fun you enjoyed as a kid

31. Light candles, turn off all the lights, and watch the flames dance

32. Listen to your favorite music in the dark

33. Find a free or low cost event in your area and go to it

34. Change the background on your phone to something you love

35. Spend some time on your favorite website

36. Spend time surfing the internet

37. Go to the park

38. Go to the beach

39. Exercise

40. Make art (even if you don’t think you’re good at it)

41. Learn a new hobby, like crochet, cooking, or gardening

42. Start a piggy bank. Put all your spare change in here & soon you’ll have your savings as an additional reward

43. Buy some balloons & decorate your house with them

44. Buy or make a ringtone of your favorite song and change your ringtone/alarm to this sound

45. Rent a movie

46. Hang up birthday streamers in your favorite color

47. Listen to music you’ve never heard before but think you might like

48. Give yourself a makeover

49. Give yourself a haircut, paint your nails, or try something new with your personal grooming routine

50. Buy a bottle of your favorite essential oil & spread it around your house

51. Read your favorite magazine

52. Make a list of all your accomplishments

53. Sleep in as late as you want to

54. Think back on what things were like a week/month/year ago and realize how far you’ve come

55. Get a massage

56. Try something new

57. Plant flowers (find some that can grow inside if you don’t have a yard or garden)

58. If you have a fireplace, light it up & bask in its warmth

59. Go to a thrift store and see what cool things you can get for $10

60. Run around outside

61. Buy a houseplant (as an added bonus, they also help clean the air inside your house!)

62. Do a random act of kindness for someone else (this always makes me feel great)

63. Learn something new online or watch a tutorial on YouTube

64. Learn how to say hello in another language

65. Write a blog post

66. Call someone you love

67. Go do the most relaxing thing you can think of

68. Buy something small & fun, like colorful pens, a Slinky, or a coffee mug

69. Go somewhere new

70. Spend some time in the sunshine (don’t forget the sunscreen!)

71. Try a new product you think you’ll like

72. Cuddle with a pet or a loved one

73. Volunteer somewhere

74. Buy a candle

75. Meditate or do yoga

76. Sing loudly

77. Watch a funny movie

78. Put on a cozy pair of socks & cuddle on the sofa

79. Write an inspirational quote on a piece of paper. Put this paper somewhere you’ll see it often to remind yourself to keep trying.

80. Read motivational quotes online

81. Start a blog & write about your experiences & goals

82. Take a photo of yourself

83. Make a vision board. Hang up pictures of things related to your goals or things you find inspiring.

84. Make yourself a healthy smoothie in the blender

85. Go to the library & check out some books

86. Watch a sunset

87. Take photographs outside

88. Smile & plan what you’ll do tomorrow!

89. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show

90. Indulge yourself in a guilty pleasure

91. Wear your favorite outfit

92. Clean a room in your house (cleaning might not be that fun, but you’ll feel great once the room is clean!)

93. Read an article online regarding something you’re interested in

94. Make a YouTube video

95. Walk a dog

96. Go to a museum

97. Write a list of 10 (or more) things that you love about yourself

98. Write a letter to your past self and discuss how much closer you are to achieving your goal

99. Inspire someone else

100. Think about how great things will be once you achieve your goal

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Have a fantastic day! 🙂

Ashlee-Craft copy


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