What If?

Dancing in the SunlightFrom Dancing in the Sunlight

What If?

sometimes I like to sit & think & wonder about you




what if

what if there were a way for us?

what if all of this had just been a big wheel of destiny & you & I were running round the other side of it on opposite sides but would one day catch up to each other?

what if all those things you said, all those people you searched for hoping there were right – what if that was all just your attempt to hide how you felt because you didn’t want to scare me away?

what if the person you’d been looking for – the one you dreamed about

the one you pictured holding your hand

& taking you on moonlit walks on the beach

& snuggling with you under a blanket

watching the snowflakes fall together & then making snow angels

running & playing & talking & laughing,

endlessly, into the night

teaching you everything you wanted & needed to know

always being there for you when you needed it most

what if that person had always been there all along?

what if that person was me?

what if the one you were waiting for

had always been right in front of you?

what if in reality we were both searching

never knowing that the one we needed had always been there for us

what if someday

we realize that we feel this way about it each other?

I know its unlikely & you probably will go off your own way & never feel the same way about me

but I still keep that hope within my heart

that hope

that there’s a chance for us

that there’s a way

that maybe

you could love me back

what if there was a way?

what if you loved me?

© 2012 Ashlee Craft


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