New Years


As any year comes to a close, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to the past and hello to a wonderful future. Every new year is another chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do and be who you’ve always wanted to be. It’s another chance to achieve our dreams. It’s a clean slate, free from any mistakes or negatives left behind in the previous year. 2012 was an excellent year for me, & I know that 2013 will be even better! I’m so excited to start the new year & I hope that you are too!

While many people are making their new years resolutions at this time, I am working on my yearly goal list. I think making a goal list is a better idea than just picking a few things I’d like to change or stop doing. I make my list on the computer, but you could also write it out on paper if you’d like to. First, I make a list of various goals I hope to accomplish in the coming year, then I sort them in various ways, including subject & difficulty (my lists are always very long, hence the need for so much organization!) This list contains a huge variety of things – everything from complicated things like releasing my first song, to very easy things that take little effort, like seeing a beautiful sunset or dancing in the rain. Certainly, there are some things that are technically resolutions – things that I do want to change about myself or my life, but these items don’t dominate the list. I think by making a list of all my goals – regular goals as well as actual resolutions – prevents the list from becoming a list concerning how to change what I was in the previous year rather than a list of what I will do & be in the next year. & when I accomplish a goal, I put the date that I achieved it next to it & place this item at the bottom of the list, so that everything I have accomplished is separated from things I’m yet to accomplish. Have you ever made a goal list rather than a traditional “resolution” list? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

2012 is coming to its close, but a new year – a new chapter – is just beginning. 2013 is the year to do everything you’ve always wanted to do & be the person that you’ve always wanted to become. 2013 is the year to believe in yourself. 2013 is the year to make your dreams come true!

Have a fantastically wonderful & perfect New Years!

May the coming year be filled with the best that life has to offer & the greatest happiness you’ve ever known!

Best wishes,
Ashlee-Craft copy


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