November 27, 2012

♥ I released the official music video for my debut single, The Strength of Hope! Check it out above & be sure to give it a thumbs up & comment on YouTube! Everyone who gives it a thumbs up and comments on this post saying they did so will receive a personal thank-you post on my blog!

♥ On Sunday I finished my NaNoWriMo Novel! I’m so excited to have finished it. It’s actually the third novel that I’ve completed (I have one novel that’s still in the editing process [which takes forever] and another I completed but didn’t begin editing yet). I sometimes found it tricky to keep up the pace on writing it because some days, I just wasn’t in a writing mood, but I managed. I’m going to submit it to the NaNoWriMo site either later today or tomorrow. To everyone who has or is working on their NaNoWriMo novels – I’m so proud of you!!!!!! Doesn’t it feel so awesome to have created something fantastic? 🙂

♥ Yesterday I finished writing my 9th poetry book, which I will probably publish in a couple of days! Yesterday, I also finished illustrating the children’s book that I was working on! It will be published very soon as well! 🙂

♥ Recently, I’ve seen a couple of good movies. On Sunday, I watched U. S. Marshals and I liked it. It’s a lot like The Fugitive, which is good also. A couple of weeks ago, I watched Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol. It was so awesome & exciting & I just loved it so much. That was the first Mission Impossible film that I’ve seen, and now I’ve totally got to see the other ones. Recently, I also watched Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix again, which I hadn’t seen since right after it came out on DVD.

♥ Last night, I learned how to play the Beatles’ song Hey Bulldog on piano. The tutorial that I learned from is below. I also learned how to play the epic intro riff for Sweet Child of Mine on guitar. It was fun! 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

– Ashlee Craft 🙂


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