Things That Make Me Happy #9

♥ Putting library books on hold

♥ Wearing flowery skirts that twirl when I spin around

♥ Dancing in the morning

♥ Pinterst

♥ Tumblr

♥ Wearing sunglasses

♥ Creative thinking

♥ The question/prompt “What if?”

♥ Reading inspiring quotes

♥ Writing a novel for NaNoWriMo

♥ The song I Make My Own Sunshine by Alyssa Bonagura (one of my favorite songs right now!)

♥ Waking up to my favorite music

♥ Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix movie (I just watched it again on Sunday! Humorously enough, I didn’t remember much of the movie from the first time I saw it, which was right after it came out. I just remembered how things happened in the book)

♥ Sunny days


7 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy #9

      1. It’s called “Essential Van Gogh”. It has many more of his paintings than I have ever seen before. BUT – it is arranged chronologically (of course) and so follows the progress of his illness(es) and ends up being a very long, very sad story! I was very depressed when I had finished reading it. The poor man. So – be warned!

  1. Ashlee – don’t read it! Flick through the pictures by all means but the text is too depressing. Should come with a health warning!!

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