Blue sky, green grasslands, and a few Moo-oo

Love the cows! So cute! 🙂


Pierce Point Ranch at Point Reyes

There exists a vast coastal grassland, dotted with milk cows under the clear blue sky. Nineteenth century redwood white barns stand among the wind swept cypress. And don’t forget that the ocean is just a hill away. I swear I have pictured such place many times in my dream, so tell me what’s not to love about this quiet corner along the seashore. People say California cows are happy cows, now I see the very reason – ocean view, green grass, pure air, what’s more to ask? I can even smell milk and butter in the air (if you inhale really really hard), because this place was once a dairy empire of the nation.

As we drove cross Inverness Ridge toward the Point Reyes headlands, I had to pull over and take pictures of this stark beauty. The cows immediately came to me forming a line, like waiting to have their shots taken. A few were brave enough…

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