Things That Make Me Happy #6

♥ Glittery painted stars

♥ The jacket I’ll use for my Sherlock Holmes costume

♥ Drinking lemon tea before bed

♥ Colorful boxes of crayons

♥ Eating raw collard greens (they’re really good! I just recently began eating them & when raw, they taste like a combo of kale & spinach)

♥ Highlighter markers

♥ Cool fall weather & wearing a sweater

♥ The way sunlight makes patterns on the floor when it shines in thru the windows

♥ The poem The Voice by Shel Silverstein

♥ Making decisions

♥ Finding clothing for really great prices at a store

♥ Peanut butter on bananas

♥ The Odyssey by Homer – my latest read (I’m about halfway thru it now!)

♥ Listening to classic rock in the morning before I get up

♥ My three favorite songs right now – Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti, Liar by Queen, & Fly by Night by Rush

♥ Homemade baked beans


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