What Your Dog Probably Thinks About You

Often times, it occurs to me just how strange us humans must seem to our dogs. So many things about us must be puzzling to them! For example, what do dogs think when we change clothes? “Oh, my human changes color several times a day.” Because they’re not very aware of what they look like, they must assume that they change color all the time as well.

Dogs must find it really amazing that people can do things that require an opposable thumb, like cooking, crafting, sewing, writing, etc. Dogs are especially fascinated by cooking, for obvious reasons. “How can my humans go into this strange room they call ‘The Kitchen’ and get stuff out of cupboards and mix it up and make something yummy? I sure wish I could do that!” Or else, they couldn’t care less about cooking and instead wonder why we don’t just sit on the floor and eat food pellets out of bowls like they do.

Another thing that I find humorous is how confusing television and computers must be to dogs. “My humans sit there on the couch and touch these weird plastic things and stare at them endlessly. These things make weird clicky sounds when my humans touch them. Then, my humans put those away and look at the giant plastic thing on the floor in the living room. They stare into this thing, which looks like a window to some other place (but I don’t really think it is. That’s why I bark at people outside my home but not at people on TV [as long as there’s no doorbells on TV. Then I bark.]) My humans get all emotional when they look at it, and they start making weird happy sounds or they cry at it. Why does the window make them so emotional? Why do they find it so amazing?”

Lastly, we must look really weird to dogs. We don’t walk around on all fours, we’re pretty hairless in comparison to them, and we have tiny little ears and noses. They may find our appearance quite comical! Dogs probably can’t understand how we can just be so…unperceptive. I mean, seriously, you couldn’t hear that cat three miles away jumping into it’s yard? You couldn’t smell the bacon cooking on the other side of the neighborhood? What’s wrong with you?

Even though our dogs may be utterly confused by us, they still love us with all  of their hearts and try their best to understand our humorous ways.

What does your dog think about you? Leave a comment below!


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