“The Meadows at Sunrise” from Spring by Ashlee Craft

The Meadows at Sunrise

pent up energy released…running into the breeze of changes / freedom released from the chains she had been confined in for so long / running towards a new beginning / in the spring

the sun rising / gently & slowly being seen above the horizon of the swaying grasses / the trees leaves dancing & rustling, music of the wind / beautiful words being laid down on the page / me sitting in the slightly cool dampness of the morning meadow

the spring flowers swaying & dancing, daffodils & tulips, & crocuses & lilacs & all the other magical sweeps across the world’s canvas with the golden paintbrush & with paint made from Love & of Beauty & of Dreams / the snow is now melted waterfalls running quietly in the distance, the winter is gone

a sudden vision of the new life of spring / baby rabbits & chickens & horses & everything else beautiful living, just living, all around me / & Easter is coming soon, in which you & I will watch the children decorating & hunting for eggs in the grass while the breeze of changes blows towards us / our second chance, beginning with the sunrise every morning

you come & sit down on the cool ground next to me, & we sit in silence, soaking up the beauty of the moment / I feel your soft hand in mine & I gently rub it, remembering our sacred yesterday beneath the apple blossom tree / looking up from my painting, I pick up a blossom from the ground & give it to you, smiling / you smile back at me & I feel the connection between our hearts & minds, the connection we feel in each moment we share, regardless how many miles may separate us / bewilderingly wonderful excited happy sensation of being in love / being in love for the first time

the world is alive once again & the our souls are running together thru this fantastic field, a field of never-ending dreams, a field of love & immeasurably perfect world / a world which resides at our fingertips, waiting for us to reach out touch it / & we embrace it with open arms

the breeze ruffles my hair & I brush it from my face, feeling the coolness of the wind & the warm of your hand so gently resting on my arm / I cannot help but smile as I brush the golden paintbrush of spring once again across my canvas / staring into this field of dreams, the field of our destiny / this sacred field of miracles

gently, you place the blossom I presented you into my hair, giving back upon my gift / My Love, you look so lovely today, standing here in the newly rising sun, the light which seems to hold every new beginning that we see, the light which holds our destiny up, raising it to the light

many times, I have doubted true happiness / many times, I have feared the future / but with you, I can no longer doubt happiness, can no longer doubt love – it is as real to me as the sun in the sky, a Warmth, a Hope, a living, breathing, beautiful Dream / with you, I no longer fear the future / for I know that with you, every day will be at the very least incredibly beautiful & fantastic, sometimes even so wonderful that no words can describe it / since I have met you, my night has turned to day, my dark to light, my sorrow to joy, my winter to spring / since I have met you, I have come alive, I have bloomed like the very flowers in this field, starting out slowly, pushing my way up thru the hardened ground as the sorrow in my soul melted away & ran like a waterfall, the tears of joy upon my cheeks when I realized you were really mine / my life has become a dream, my dreams have become my life, my is now perfect, & perfect moments are the definition of my every second / I see the beauty in everything, but no beauty can amount to the beauty I see within your soul / since I have met you, I have learned what happiness was, I have learned just how amazingly magnificent life can be / & every day, I am so thankful to have found you at precisely the right time / I am so thankful that you are mine, because I love you

the meadows at sunrise is the edge of a new beginning, a beginning brilliant & fantastic beyond my wildest dreams, a beginning which I share with You

it is the beginning of Spring / & so, my life begins

thank you

thank you

thank you

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