“Summer Days” From Summer by Ashlee Craft

Summer Days

summer days spent running around barefoot on the fresh cut freshly mowed yard smelling the freshness of tomorrow in the air & the dampness held within the blades of grass & squinting your eyes at the sun reaching your tanned arm out towards the soaring baseball / summer days spent playing tag in your backyard watching your dogs run around & bark at imaginary things as you sit down in the shade of the beach umbrella drinking freshly made lemonade & hide in fields of towering sunflowers playing hide-&-go-seek with the butterflies

summer days spent eating watermelon & smelling the scent of summer & the coconut scented sunscreen warmed in the sun & your sun-warmed hair dancing in the breeze & your sun kissed skin shining / summer days spent mowing yards or selling lemonade or having a dog wash to make some extra money for buying fishing tackle baseballs crayons ice cream books & toys & everything else your heart desires watching your dreams come true before your very eyes

summer days spent running thru the yard & the field of sunflowers & thru the sprinkler & planting flowers by the white picket fence then going inside hot & sweaty to your room & thinking about how beautiful the day was & looking out the window at the sunset / running onwards running free reading classic books while sitting in the branches of the ancient oak in the backyard barefoot feet touching the roughness of the bark kicking your legs in the breeze & swinging on the swing tied to the branch soaring thru the air as free as a bird

summer days spent watching the stars silently passing over us reminding us of just how small & at the same time how large we are in the scheme of things silently sitting in the moonlight & watching the beauty of the sky passing by & the summer sunsets & the sky slowly darkening & the crickets beginning their choir / summer days spent dreaming all childhood dreams over again & creating new lands & art is everywhere you go & music is in your heart & inventing new ways of doing things & laughing in the sun & exploring everything beautiful in the world around & loving every day & living every moment to its fullest living every day running free / running free / oh, the beauty of the lazy summer days spent living free / free forever


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