“What I Like the Most” from Autumn by Ashlee Craft

What I Like the Most

from Autumn by Ashlee Craft

apple cider shining like amber in the clear glass cup on the maple table on the stony tile of my house / warm steam rising steadily / apple pie steaming on the table covered in homemade vanilla ice cream, warm & cold in one bite / nutmeg & cinnamon & ginger & allspice scents aromas filling my nostrils & mind / wafting thru time & memories / pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust – reminding me of my childhood, beautiful & warm memories / baked apples colored peel red yellow green fall colored peel / warmth

the first breeze of fall / the air cooler & humidity evaporating / cool breezes of freedom & the first time you feel cold water coming from a tap / the end of summer & days are getting cooler & shorter / cold tap water at last, splashing it onto my skin / beauty

walking outside & walking into a Monet painting are not very different / all around you the artist’s palette painting beauty & wonder / color around everywhere you look & lighting up your eyes / leafs drifting drifting drifting drifting drifting down in front of my face from their tree branch sun mountains, landing on the cold gray sidewalk & blowing in the wind towards the highway where vehicles rush past & blow them further / a sense of freedom

then coming back in from the warmth of my sweater & sitting at the table along with friends & family & living the memories year by year / year by year / returning to this sense of peace, all it takes is the scent of fall air to which there is no match & Monet’s palette & unmatched beauty & warmth & the wonder of being near the ones you love the most / family

& as I sit here sipping apple cider & watching leafs gently drift onto the freezing ground, it brings me back to a simpler time of life & reminds me what I like the best / the warmth that comes after a cool fall day where leafs drift thru time & memory / forever entwined within my soul / fall is here

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