“Candle” from Winter by Ashlee Craft


candle / flickering with the wind of change, the breeze of compassion as it sits on my mantle, glow spreading around the room & entering my heart / the shadow it casts on the wall is one of brilliance & glory, of things to come & things passed, of light & of hope / as the world around me turns, time freezes where it is & peace washes over me / fear & sorrow are blotted out, for no darkness can withstand the beauty & honest purity of light / casting the shadow on the brick wall like a sunset in a jar, glowing like the light of the North Star on the cold winter night when you walk thru the fields & you’re looking for your way back home / guiding light / guiding us towards hope & the peace that we have always longed for / the candle’s flame, gold & white, dances / dances with the music in my soul & grabs hold of humanity & spins it around in the air, forever dancing in glory / the flame burns on

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