Knitting & Crochet

Post a Day May – Day 29

Today’s post was supposed to be about hobbies, but since I have five billion million of them, I chose to write about only one of them – yarn crafting.

When I was about 13, I decided that knitting looked like fun, so I signed up for a knitting class at Michaels. I ended up making a yellow wool scarf from what I learned at the class, which I wore in the winter for a while.

A few months later, I decided that I also wanted to learn crochet, so I read an article on eHow & started crocheting. Because I knew how to knit, learning how to crochet was a lot easier.

I love both knitting & crochet, but I like crochet better. It’s freer, easier, & faster, which is why I like it better. I’ve knitted & crocheted everything from baby blankets to hats to dog toys to Christmas decorations.

What i love most of all is how a simple piece of yarn has endless possibilities & what it becomes is entirely up to you.


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