A Thousand Words

Post a Day

the rainbow prism splashes flashes across my wall in the early morning golden glowing light against the dark blue wall half hidden by the shade of the curtains / beacon beams of sunlight gently crossing thru the solid warmth of the crystal & against the facetted edges

waking from my dream slumber & peering out thru half closed lids & suddenly being greeted by the flame of colors against my wall the bright surprise of it all awakening me further as I marvel at the color & the wonder & the beauty, immersed in the moment & in the miracles of light

the crystal glowing bright like a miniature star in my window hanging by a purple string / the white of the curtains contrasting brightly against the dim blueness of the wall & just glowing / glowing

picking up the cold metal camera in my hand warmed from sleep I sit up, my legs slightly tangled amongst the blue comforter on my bed / trying to get the best angle to show the glow & the darkness & the blue & the light & the brightness of the star & the beams of light & the rainbows slowly moving across the floor & painting my skin & my hands & the walls & reflecting off my gemstones & into the bright supremacy of beauty & truth & the surprise of the bright flash of color in this sacred still morning

quickly taking photos – capturing the moment capturing the colors & magic & beauty of it all, capturing the light & the meaning of the sudden lightness & dreaming of a time where I will see this light & you’ll be by my side once again & we’ll just sit there, holding each other & gazing at the beauty & I’ll see the stars & the rainbows reflected in your eyes & I’ll see the brightness of the light within shining from your soul & the beams of light coming out your fingertips & the tips of your hair / & we’ll be together sometime soon / I feel that you are near, so near, that so soon I will meet you / but I don’t know where you will be or when I’ll meet you / only that this meeting is inevitable / but I feel your love so close to me so beautifully dancing so wild & free in the light of all the wonderful things meant to be & looking forward to the day that we’ll see each other for the first time & we’ll see where we’ve been led by all these jumbled signs & it will all make sense because we will see the beauty of this romance & the joy of running wild & free just you & me in the light of the setting sun, our hearts together making one

in the crystal ball looking into the future & seeing all the happy hours spent together & loving you forever & ever but yet still remaining the fear that you & I won’t always be near or that we won’t find each other & we’ll miss out on all these thing we’ve always dreamed about but I must put these flaming fire fears out & remove the doubt & simply trust that these fears will simply turn to dust the moment I see your face shining in the afternoon sunlight & you, my sunshine, the stars illuminating the night / & when I’m wandering out alone on the moor you come & show me shelter from this storm & when I feel that I’m the only one you bring me in your palms, the sun / if only somehow I could repay you for all you’ve shown me / if only I could find you so I could set you free

but sitting here / looking at the reverie of the crystal & feeling the supreme joy that one only feels when they know that absolutely wonderful things are so close to coming into their lives, that perfect peace of knowing that finally, after all this time, everything is okay & everything is beautiful & the comfort of knowing that you’re finally almost home

& in the rainbows reflected on my walls I see the colors of your beauty & your perfect soul & everything wonderful & happy / in the rainbows I see all the colors of life & all the phases that we must pass thru before we figure out who we are & realize that beauty is all around us & that all we must do is open our eyes & finally look / look with our souls & then we’ll see with our eyes & see the shining blue skies & the bright of the sunflower & the secret hidden caves & the tiny pebbles in the grass & everything that we often overlook because we’re too busy looking just above where all these wonderful things are & rushing about blindly towards money & away from nature & the light / away from home / away away away away from where we belong away away away / away from every single thing that we believe in & everything we’ve ever believed in / away from our dreams / we overlook the small things thinking they’re unimportant but they’re actually all big things in disguise

but waking up to the bright surprise of the sunlight shining thru the simple crystal hanging in my window & the rainbows across my wall & looking & simply enjoying the moment & seeing things as they are / living in the moment / living / living & seeing life / & knowing that dreams do come true / because in the rainbow hues brushed upon my room like they were painted on with the artist’s paintbrush / living in the moment & seeing things with fresh eyes & all beauty being contained & enveloped in the rainbow lights & all the beautiful simplicity & profundity of the moment wrapped up & captured in the photograph, a moment forever frozen in time / & for that moment, basking in the brand new morning’s light, everything is possible / for that moment, basking in the glow of life, everything is perfect

© 2012 Ashlee Craft


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