What I Will Do With a Million Dollars

Post a Day May – Day 25

When I have a million dollars, I’ll be smart with it. I’ll save a lot of it or invest it in things that will increase it. I’ll also build a really nice house to live in & buy some things that I’ve always wanted. I’ll also use it to change the world & do random acts of kindness – like buying flowers for strangers, buying rainforest land, & funding various charity projects. Most of all, I’ll be happy in knowing that my success has made my dreams come true (I’m a huge believer in positive thinking so I always talk about things I want in an optimistic sense, like saying when I have something rather than if I get it).

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “What I Will Do With a Million Dollars

  1. i agree.. some of us don’t think “when I..” they think “what if..” as if they do not have hope that in the future it WILL happen… good thing you are a very positive thinker.. 🙂

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