Leaves by Ashlee Craft

green leaves floating down from the branches of the tall oaks in my backyard / tall silent trees tree trees & the beautiful sound of them rustling down from the sky / dancing in the wind / dancing in the sky

watching thru spectacled eyes as the bright flashes of memories past floated by me like a sea of color, bringing back each happy summer evening spent dancing in the sunset & revering in the freedom of the wind

remembering the summer days where I would look out at the old maple in my backyard & see its branches brushing against my window, where I could reach out & touch the branches / where I could finally take a breath of fresh air & the dance of the summer sunset magic remaining heavily in the perfumed air

remembering the simpler time where everything was possible / sitting in the high branches of my favorite tree, looking at the stained glass leaves, shaded from the heat of the sun by something much larger & greater than I

© 2012 Ashlee Craft


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