Dare to Dream by Ashlee Craft

dare to dream

dare to dream because you never know just where

it will take you

dreams will lead you to the sacred temple only found within

to the forest of possibilities

to the winds of change

where you will soar free in the sky with the hummingbirds

& butterflies

& every day is a step closer

one step closer

to the life you’ve always dreamed of

dare to dream because you never know just

how far you can go

or just what you are

or what you can be

until you try

but trying takes courage & sometimes you can’t seem to find it

& your clock is ticking away but you lost the key to rewind it

& the future rushes at you & you can’t find the way

no matter where you seek joy in every darkened day

& you dreams are out dying, drying out in the streets

pulsating & sinking with hope’s faltering beats

the darkness closes in & you’re losing your way

but still you are afraid, so afraid of the change

you know you need to step forward but each time you just step back

& the whole world seems to be resting on top of your back

you’ve lost your map & you don’t know where to turn

& each dream you release to the skies seems to crash & burn

& each tiny hope you clasp gently in your palm

explodes into ashes from Reality’s time bomb

but in the ashes remains a floundering flame

still, the darkness calls you out by name

which way do you turn

should you just give up on trying?

but you can’t give up

you can’t sit there just watching your dreams dying

cradling the tiny flame in the palm of your hand

it is then & only then that you finally understand

rushing towards the pile of kindling along side of the dream

you put down the hope

& finally, you believe

the flame catches the timber on fire

& hope begins flying higher & higher

& suddenly the fire is kindled once again in your soul

you’re a beautiful person

this I know

I believe in your dreams & I believe in you

& I know that very soon all your dreams will come true

but for now just look for that light

to guide you down the staircase in the dark of the night

& soon you will open your eyes & see

for you will know what you can do

when you believe

so dare to dream

dare to dream



© 2012 Ashlee Craft

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