Shark Population Declining

Post a Day May – Day 22

The reef shark population has declined as much as 90% in some areas, dive to the harvesting of shark fins & commercial fishing. There are four species of reef sharks – blacktip reef shark, whitetip reef shark, Caribbean reef shark, & the gray reef shark. Reef sharks are generally between 5.2 & 10 feet long & are generally non-agressive, making them perfect for shark feeding attractions & ecotourism.

Sharks may be portrayed badly as being dangerous killers, but sharks are, in my opinion, beautiful animals. Whitetip reef sharks are so friendly that they can be conditioned to be hand-fed by tourists. While three sharks are killed by people every second, only around 10 people are killed each year by sharks.

We need to do what we can to save these magnificent animals. One of the best ways is boycotting shark fin soup & shark meat, & complaining to any websites or restaurants who promote these dishes. Often times after sharks are de-finned, they are thrown into the ocean to slowly be eaten alive or bleed to death rather than being killed when they’re de-finned! Tell everyone you know not to eat shark fin soup or eat shark meat.

Another good way to save sharks is to promote ecotourism. The more people experience the true nature of sharks, the more people will want to save them.

Most people fear what they don’t understand. If people understood how important sharks are to our oceans & stopped fearing them, we could make a large step in the right direction towards sustainable fishing.

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


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