How to Conserve iPod/iPhone Battery in Five Easy Steps

Post a Day May – Day 18

Don’t you just hate when your iPhone or iPod doesn’t seem to hold its charge for very long? Here are five simple tips to help extend battery life.

1. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other connectivity setting when you’re not using them (Settings < Wi-Fi) (Settings < General < Bluetooth)
2. Turn off Wi-Fi or another unused connectivity setting when you’re sleeping
3. Adjust the brightness to auto-brightness rather than a manual setting (Settings < Brightness). This adjusts your screen brightness to your environment, preventing you from wasting battery by having an overly bright screen.
4. Close out apps when you’re done using them. Since Apple added the feature allowing applications to remain open even when you exit them (allowing you to return to the same place in the app the next time you open it). Unfortunately, all these extra apps being in use when you’re not activity using them burns up battery quickly. To close them out, simply double click your home button (a menu will appear at the bottom of your screen) and hold your finger down on one of the apps on this menu until a red circle with a minimize symbol appears in the corner of the app. Click the symbol to close out the app.
5. Set auto-lock (Settings < General < Auto Lock) to turn your iPod off after a specified number of minutes. This prevents the iPod from being on for too long when you’re not using it.

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


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