How I Became Vegetarian

More than two years ago, I suddenly felt that it was cruel to eat animals. I learned about factory farms & this made me even more determined to become vegetarian. I began researching vegetarianism & learning about what to eat to get the proper nutrition, & what I discovered surprised me. On average, vegetarians live about 10 years longer than meat eaters, & also have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, & obesity. My mind was made up, & I immediately became a lacto-ovo vegetarian, meaning I eat eggs & dairy products, but no meat, poultry, or fish.

Are you vegetarian?

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “How I Became Vegetarian

  1. Hello Ashlee, I just came across your blog. I am also vegetarian and It’s horrible what animals suffer from abuse espcially the way they are treated in the mass production of meat. I basicaly choosed the vegetarian lifestyle after I suffered from a terrible health crises, and my new diet helped me a lot to feel better.. check out my story at my blog.

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