Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

Post a Day May – Day 12

Okay, so today’s post was supposed to be about my favorite holiday, but as my favorite holiday is Christmas, I didn’t think it would be a very good idea to make a post in the spring all about Christmas, so I decided to pick Mother’s Day. In June, I’ll make a similar one about Father’s Day.

So, maybe Mother’s Day is almost here & you don’t know what to get her. Now, obviously there are some general things that a lot of people get their mothers, like flowers or earrings or chocolates. While material possessions may be satisfactory, they’re mass produced. Why not give your mother something more special & more memorable? Here’s some greta ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

♥ Get your mother a potted plant. While this is not homemade, it’s much better than buying her flowers, because it’s something that will last longer than a week or two. If you know what her favorite flower is, try to get her this type of flower. For an added decorative touch, you could decorate a flower pot suitably sized for the flower & tie a ribbon around it.

♥ Make your mom a homemade card. This is a great idea, no matter how old you are, & will remind your mother of when you were a child. This should bring back some fond memories & is something very sweet to give her

♥ Compile a collection of her favorite quotes, or at least quotes that remind you of her. There’s plenty of websites online filled with quotes on every subject. You could print these out & cut the paper into small pieces, with a few quotes per page, decorate the papers, then put them in a photo album. You could even include photos of her or your family in the album amongst the quotes!

♥ Bake something – whether your mom likes cookies, salad, or BBQ ribs, make your mom’s favorite meal for her (& clean up afterwards!) She’ll appreciate the fact that you gets to enjoy her favorite food, whether or not she’s the cook in the house

♥ Use a creative skill to make something for her. If you can paint, knit, crochet, cross stitch, do carpentry or woodworking, sew, or sculpt, make something special for her that she can wear, use, or display in the house. This is a very nice, personal gift.

♥ Do something for your mom. Maybe she’s been wanting to clear out an overgrown section of the yard so she can plant a flower garden there, or maybe she’s been wanting to paint the walls in the living room. You can do this for her, but if there’s doubt of how much area she wants cleared out or the exact shade she wants to paint the walls, be sure to ask. It’s better for her to know what you’re doing for her & not surprise her with the gift than it is to disappoint her by doing something differently than she wanted it done.

♥ Take your mother somewhere fun, particularly something fun that she’s never done. If she’s always wanted to go horseback riding or go bungee jumping, that could make the perfect gift for her.

♥ Tell your mother how much she means to you. Tell her how thankful you are that she’s your mom, & how she’s the best mom ever.

♥ Take over all your mother’s daily household duties to truly give her a day off

♥ Make a mix CD including all of your mom’s favorite songs, or songs that remind you of her

♥ Spend time with your mom. Even if you live far away, you can have a video chat over the internet.

♥ Go for a walk with your mother & appreciate all the simple & beautiful things. Look at the clouds. Admire the flowers. Listen to the birdsongs. Feel the wind in your hair.

Have any more ideas? Please share them below & I’ll add them to this list! 🙂

Have a fantastic day!


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