Thrilling Competition

Post a Day May – Day 10

I appreciate all sports to some degree, & I especially love basketball, tennis, volleyball, dance (if you consider dance to be a sport – I consider it both a sport & an art – what do you think?), bowling, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, martial arts,  hang gliding, sailing, archery, badminton, Frisbee-related sports, fencing, & gymnastics. Personally, I’ve done hiking, bowling, tennis, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, & badminton.

I took tennis lessons when I was a kid & really enjoyed playing tennis, & now I still play tennis whenever possible. Tennis is fun because it requires good hand-eye coordination, is easy, reasonably laid back, & is a good, fun challenge.

I’ve never actually played volleyball on a team, but I have played it in the street with friends when I was younger. It’s a great memory of mine – me & other people from my neighborhood gathering in the street in the evening, as the sun was setting, volleying a ball back & forth between us & talking until it was time for dinner or got too dark to play. At first, we didn’t actually have a volleyball, so we just used a soccer ball (but I don’t recommend this). Eventually, I got an actual volleyball, & we began using that. Either way, it was great fun.

I’ve never actually played basketball on a team, although I have thrown a basketball through a net & dribbled it & stuff. Basketball is one sport that I think would be really fun to play.

I enjoy bowling, which is challenging before you become more experienced at it (if you’re new to bowling, please use bumpers – this will make your life so much easier until you get the technique necessary to get the ball to go down the lane straight!) Bowling is just really fun, a great social activity, & a good challenge to get the proper technique. It’s always a thrill to watch your bowling ball go right down the lane & straight into the center pin, knocking all of them (or most of them, at least) down.

While sports can be great fun, I think the reason people are so drawn to them is because of the thrill of competition, the thrill of winning over their opponent or even just beating their previous records or abilities. People play sports & watch sports just so they can experience those breathtaking moments – when the basketball flies towards the hoop, the football player running towards the goal line, the the gymnast leaping through the air. Those moments when no one is sure who the winner will be, how it will all turn out. It’s the thrill of the unknown, the thrill of competition, the beauty of sports.

Have any of you played sports? If so, what were your likes/dislikes about it? I’d love to hear all about it!

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


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