Desert Island Essentials

Post a Day May – Day 9

This is the very simple & easy to follow guide about what to do if, by an extreme case of bad luck, you end up stranded on a desert island. Let’s say your plane crashes, or maybe you’re out on a fishing trip when, out of the blue, an enormous storm arises out of the blue. Either way, you somehow end up on an uncharted island in the middle of the ocean & you don’t know how long it will be before anyone realizes you are even missing, much less find you.

So, if you could only have five things with you, what are the best things to bring with you? Use the handy Essentials for a Desert Island guide below to find exactly what you should pack if you will be traveling over or on any body of water.

Essential #1: An Airplane

An airplane is your #1 essential. This way, you don’t have to wait for your so-called friends (who may even be happy you’re missing) to call up the Coast Guard & have them go looking for you. If you really are as lost as you think you are (& not just on the other side of the river behind your house), then a plane will facilitate you getting back home. If in doubt of the potential runway conditions (i.e. sand), consider bringing a sea plane. Just be sure to bring plenty of fuel.

Essential #2: Flying Manual

Unless you’re a fantastic pilot already, you’ll need a flying manual. There’s no point in you having a plane if you don’t even know how to get it off the ground & will just end up driving it into the ocean. So the flight manual is vital to you succeeding in escaping from the desert island. I suggest reading it once before you go on your trip, because manuals like this are notoriously thick & it might take you a long time to read it. Make sure you don’t skip any chapters – you might regret it later. Oh, & especially make sure that the manual is actually for the make & model of plane that you’re bringing. The last thing you want is to have a Boeing 747 manual for a Cessna 400.

Essential #3: Cell Phone

Bring your cell phone with you to a desert island & you’ll find out what your carrier means when they say they have “international coverage.” If you have a cell phone with you, not only will you be able to call your friends & tell them all about your adventures, but you’ll also be able to take pictures to prove you really did end up stranded on an island, in case you’re known for being a joker & your friends are skeptical. If you have a phone, you can also call for help or for someone to bring you something you need, in case you forget one of the items on this list. Just don’t try to order pizza. Most pizza places don’t have boats or planes as delivery vehicles.

 Essential #4: Food & Water

Although you may have the plane & everything, you may decide to stay stranded on the island for a few days, either to gain extra sympathy from your friends & family members, or because you still haven’t finished that pilot’s manual. Either way, food & water are two things you should never forget, unless you want to end up eating random insects & drinking from questionable puddles. When you’re on the island, you’re in charge of yourself & no one else can tell you what to do, so feel free to bring whatever food you like. Dieting is illegal on a desert island, so eat whatever you like. Cookies, cakes, & potato chips are all perfectly good options. Just make sure you seal any food packages carefully, unless you want to provide the catering for the biggest ant feast of the century.

Essential #5: Air Conditioner(s)

The last essential on this list is at least one air conditioner. The whole point of a “desert” island is that it’s hot (remember – the word “island” doesn’t mean tropical. Greenland is actually the largest island in the world, & it’s anything but warm.) So, while you’re messing around on the island, eating cookies & reading your pilot’s manual & making funny videos to post on YouTube, you don’t want to be sweating to death. That’s why air conditioners are another essential. Set up one inside your plane at the very least, & maybe a few outside if you feel like it. That way, no matter where your inspiration takes you, you’ll be cool.  When you return, be warned that some of your friends might be jealous that you had air conditioning while stranded on a desert island, particularly if they spent the entire weekend camping in 110-degree weather or their air conditioner is broken, something that tends to happen conveniently during the warmest months of summer.

Upon returning, expect to be welcomed like a hero. You managed to escape from the desert island without anyone’s help (well, you did have the help of the person who wrote the flight manual). You didn’t have to live there for years & years until someone found you, simply because you remembered the #1 rule of desert island survival: Bring A Plane. The world could have been spared so many dramatic stories of survival of people had remembered this simple rule. Next time you travel over any body of water, remember to bring these essentials, & you can rest assured that you will not become the next Robinson Crusoe.

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