In the Sacred Afternoon

Post a Day May – Day 4

For me, the afternoon has always been the most sacred, special time of day. In the afternoon, everything seems so much more magical, peaceful, artistic, wonderful, profound. As the lighting dims on the world, shadows are revealed, certain things highlighted, memories are made. In the afternoon lighting, everything seems possible.

The sun sets on the world, casting the glow of its embers across the sky, painting it with the artist’s palette, creating something indescribably beautiful, creating a living piece of art that changes with the time & soon darkens into the last burning brightness of day before dropping off into the blue darkness of night, & finally, the twinkling of the stars.

If the weather is warm, at this time of day, the crickets begin chirping, singing their sweet song & serenading the peace of night. The colors of flowers seem especially vivid as the colored sky reflects upon them. Shadows stretch into warped shapes that seem larger than life, making people into giants & bushes into trees.

Finally, the sun disappears behind the horizon, leaving a pale glow of color & light in the sky. The moon & the first stars appear in the sky, the moon illuminating the ground as the stars twinkle in the background. As the sun gently goes to sleep, the moon begins her watch over the wonder & beauty of night. The day is over,  glowing with the happiness that soon, a new day will begin & new dreams will be achieved.

What does the afternoon mean to you? Share your thoughts below.

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


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