A Craving For Jazz

Post a Day May – Day 1

Recently, I’ve discovered just how much I love jazz. I mean, I’ve always loved &  enjoyed it, but it just seems that recently, I’ve really felt a connection to it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been around jazz, particularly smooth jazz. I grew up to the sounds of Kenny G, Brian Culbertson, Craig Chaquico, Dave Koz, Hiroshima, & Mindi Abair. For me, smooth jazz was always a welcome sound, because it’s mostly upbeat & happy.

As I grew up, I began to explore other variations of jazz with the help of Pandora radio, YouTube, & the local library. Although I enjoyed the music, I didn’t listen to it all that frequently & was much more interested in listening to rock music. About two months ago, however, it suddenly occurred to me how wonderful jazz really was, & I really began to get into it. I listened to a lot of bebop jazz & enjoyed the complex, artistic sound it had.

It was around this time that the jazz craving began.

Have you ever craved a particular genre of music? If so, you know exactly how it feels. It seemed to happen so suddenly, but I suppose it had been in the making for some time. I suddenly had the extreme urge, a great hunger, to listen to as much jazz as possible. I craved the sound of the double bass doing walking bass lines in the back ground or thumping away melodically in the background. I craved the sound of the drums, quietly tapping to move the music along, a gentle background presence. I craved the sound of the piano accentuating the other instruments, providing a harmonious foundation for the other instruments. I craved the sound of the saxophone or the trumpet or the guitar playing the melody of the song, the chorus of the guitar & the grittiness of the trumpet or the slippery smoothness of the saxophone. But most of all, I craved the way the musicians communicated without using words, the instruments speaking for them, almost taking on a vocal quality all their own, a meaning which could be understood in any language by literally anybody who cared to listen.

I began listening to jazz any chance I got. When I was using the computer. When I was cleaning. When I was about to go to bed. Any time of day that I had time to listen to jazz, I did. It seemed that no matter how much jazz I listened to, it would not satisfy my unquenchable thirst for jazz.

I began to discover so many fantastic, phenomenal jazz musicians, & I loved them all in their own ways. From the swinging gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt to the creative chaos of Ornette Coleman to the smooth crispness & virtuosity of Miles Davis & John Coltrane, I loved it all. I couldn’t get enough of it. Every song I heard, I loved.

This craving stemmed from the magical feeling that only happens when a genre of music truly connects with ones soul. The genre speaks to you, not just on an aural level, but on a level that can only be understood deep within. I’m sure we all have a genre that, rather than listening to the music with our ears, we listen to it with our soul. The music reaches us on a deeper level than we thought it would, & rather than simply hearing it, we feel it.

For me, this magical genre is jazz.

Have you ever experienced a strong connection to a particular genre? I’d like to hear about it! Also, if you love jazz too, I’d love if you gave me some recommendations of songs/albums/musicians that I might enjoy. My favorite types of jazz are bebop, smooth, cool, & gypsy, & I’m always looking for new jazz to enjoy!

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


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