30 Reasons People Love Dogs

1. Dogs love you exactly the way you are – whether you’re old, young, fat, thin, happy, sad, short, tall, etc.

2. Dogs love you for who you are on the inside, and they don’t judge you

3. Dogs don’t care if you lose your job or don’t have a job

4. Dogs don’t care if you’re rich or poor, as long as they can be with you, that’s all the riches they need

5. Dogs don’t care if you have a fancy car or whether or drive a beat up old vehicle

6. Dogs are always there for you

7. Dogs never tell your secrets

8. Dogs are always ready to snuggle or play

9. Dogs outwardly show you affection by licking you or just being near you

10. You’re the most important thing in your dog’s world

11. Dogs don’t hide their emotions or play tricks with your mind

12. Dogs want you to lighten up, get down on the floor with them, and play!

13. Dogs come running to greet you when you come home

14. Dogs love when you’re happy and laughing, as you’re more likely to play

15. Dogs encourage us to get exercise, often times by staring at us sadly, holding their leashes in their mouths or standing by the door, trying to make us feel sorry for them so we walk them, even though we’d rather stay at home

16. Dogs amuse us with their silly antics, and try to get the best of us sometimes by tricking us into giving them treats or attention

17. Dogs make us see the beauty of the snowstorm or rain shower or the freezing weather when they want to go outside or take a walk in inclement weather

18. Dogs are our best friends

19. Dogs are there to try your tears when you’re sad

20. Dogs look up to you and see you as the beautiful person that you are, even when you yourself cannot see this

21. Dogs encourage us to reach out and show affection for others

22. Dogs help us make friends and be sociable – often times, we see the same people while walking our dogs, and over the course of time, get to know these people better

23. Dogs can sleep almost anywhere

24. Dogs live in the present

25. Dogs look forward to the future – especially when it’s almost mealtime!

26. Dogs teach us responsibility and the joy of caring for another living creature

27. Dogs show us beauty comes from within

28. Dogs don’t care what others think of them

29. Dogs make us happy

30. Dogs love you unconditionally, no matter what happens, and because of this, we need our dogs as much as they need us


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