Revelations – A Poem From My Upcoming Book, A Thousand Cranes, Volume 10

finish the half drawn paintings.
their time has come to be seen &
cease hiding between shadows

stop staring into the blank pools of eyes
of the people you left behind in your past
you left them behind for a reason
do not convince yourself otherwise
you will feel so much better without them

you were not born to be their puppet
to clean the shit off the shoes of those who try to control you
you are better than that: better than being told you’re invisible
better than living someone else’s dream for them
you deserve better

stop hiding in forgotten crevices
simply because you are too afraid to be seen
resolve from thinking you aren’t good enough for them
you are so good that they wonder
how they never saw the likes of you before

let yourself be, you are a child of the universe
be gentle with yourself, you deserve to feel better
forgive yourself from the past wrongs
& know that better things are waiting for you
& that when the time comes, you will face them
& be radiant

(c) 2014 Ashlee Craft

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 4 – Sample Chapter

A Thousand Cranes 4


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Releasing the Cranes into the World

I have labored many long hours

& put my very soul into my creations

I have imbued them with every bit of love inside my soul

& inside them you will find an exact documentation of the person I am

& the person I once was

& the person I am still yet to be

inside them you will find my every hope, my every dream

my fears, my sorrows, my angers

my messages to the world

mere messages in a bottle floating upon the endless ocean

waiting to arrive at the right place at the right time

so they can inspire the right person in the most perfect way imaginable

yes, often times they are messages of hope

messages that that can do this

messages to show them that the world is beautiful still

but sometimes they bring messages of anger or fear or sadness

yet in the end these feelings are just as important

important to feel, & important to acknowledge as well

important to remind others that they are not alone in their feelings

important to be aware of both the light & the darkness

for one could not exist without the other

& you couldn’t see the stars without the night

& so I permeate these words & sounds & images with these hopes & dreams

fears & angers & sorrows

painting a portrait of the soul inside my body

because in the end I have to

I have to show the world who I am

I have to release these messages in a bottle

these paper cranes

into the world

I have to free them from inside me & put them out into the world

have to liberate them from the chains they’ve come to know

release them from my bedroom window at night

when the moon is at her peak in the sky

or from the garden bench in the sunny afternoon

when the fragrant aromas of flowers drift into my nostrils

or from a balcony in the spring morning

when the breeze smelling of endless possibilities caresses against my skin

I must do this so these paper cranes can fly free

I must let them fly, must let them have their freedom

it is their right

just as it is mine


you are so so special / you are perfect & beautiful & wonderful just the way you are / there has never been anyone else just like you / & there never will be again / you are unique in every single way / & your struggles only make you stronger / you are stronger now than you’ve ever been before in your whole life / you are stronger now than you ever believed was possible

forgive yourself & move on / I know your memories still haunt you in the deep of night / I know fear still bangs upon your window in time with your racing heart / I know sometimes you just don’t know what to do / but you cannot help how you feel / just do your best (it’s all you can do) / & things will be okay for you someday / trust in this, you can make it thru the storm / things may not be better today, but maybe they will be tomorrow

I know you are well acquainted with pain & suffering & sorrow / I know you have spent many nights clutched in anguish’s grasp crying out to a world which doesn’t seem to listen / but it is this pain that will allow you to stand strong against the winds of time, against life’s sorrows & trials / for once you have conquered this pain

you will know you are strong enough

& you will know how to win


in the city the air was humid & thick & warm & damp / it was summer / down the streets crowded with vegetable stands & carts & taxi cabs people stood around bustling busily / & the children huddled in the often decrepit but beautiful doorways of the buildings / taxis beeped & honked & people called & shouted / adding a unique rhythm to the rhapsodies / & like ocean waves people moved amongst each other, each heading their own directions / tourists stopped every once in a while to buy something they could bring to remind them of their time there, once-in-a-lifetime gifts / there was a guitarist playing in the street, his guitar case spread out in front of him like a blanket as several men & women stood around to watch & smile as the breeze blew against their faces & uplifted their faces & to feel the music, palpable in the air, to feel it inside them / & each dark crevice was enlightened

a deliciously chaotic & beautiful scene I bask in

Judgment of a Hero

on the road down to the party he was invited to out of respect

people shunned him in the streets, thinking his appearance was ugly in every aspect

he cringed as without a second glance they turned away, their judgment locked

but the man still walked on & held his head high at their objection

he knew who he was, he had nothing to fear

nothing they could think of him could change his mind’s foundation block

as soon as he entered the room the label was pinned upon his shirt

when he tried to spark a conversation he was met with remarks cold & curt

many pairs of eyes tracked his feet across the floor before a clearing was made in assumptions

as he went across the dance floor with head held high, they noted no feelings of disconcert

he knew who he was; he had no need to worry

& no one seemed to notice he was wearing the only suit in the room

the man sat down on the couch & to his amusement, all upon it left

he chuckled a little bit to himself as he leaned back to relaxed, by no means bereft

if they wanted to act so coldly to him it was their loss, but his gain

if only they had been there that day & seen his hands so strong & deft

but he knew who he was, he had no reason to think else

when they knew what he’d done they’d be reluctant in their cold shouldered refrain

finally the host of the party walked into the room, greeted guests, & gestured at the man

the unknowing guests stared in looks of pure shock as the host began

ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been brought here tonight in respect for the heroism of this man

a couple of weeks ago a child was stabbed in the leg by a robber’s escape plan

this man here heard the scream, he fought off the assailant then went to the child

& he stayed there for who knows how long stopping the bleeding in the limb”

so when you see him here tonight, think of the young life he saved

& how long he was with the child before help arrived & death’s pledge he depraved

I have never judged a man by anything more than who he truly is & by what his actions show

but to find that out you must get to know him by more than who you expect him to behave”

the man looked away as he’d done what he’d done from his heart, not for attention & praise

but the guests looked away in shame for their judgment of a hero

What is Love?

stories without answers lay across the floor

songs without music spill from my hollow hands

the innocence I accepted has been locked in chains

& it causes me to question

what is love?

thoughts without silence sing out through my mind

as your words far away mingle gently with mine

serenity is bound to stone, leaving behind a fluttering heart

& it causes me to wonder

what is love?

they say that when I see, I’ll know what I’ve missed for so long

but I can’t understand how many times before that I have been so wrong

as my eyes, dewy with new ideas, flutter to a open place

it causes me to marvel

what is love?

time without the beating of a never ending clock

reaches into the depths of the ocean & reveals a shining gleam

in the endless indelible fortune that I once assumed I knew

& I stare into the void of questions I contemplate

what is love?

even thru sleepless nights streams of mind never cease to flow

without question or doubt I know that soon I’ll find the truth

corroded things I was caught up in have faded, blown in the breeze

& it causes me to reflect

what is love?

helplessly jumping into the dark shaded lake without seeing the sunbeams shadowing under

the misunderstood things I’ve forgotten to need I see flashing further & dimmer as I go down

& yet I know where I am heading

what is love?

they say that when I see, I’ll know what I’ve missed for so long

but I can’t understand how many times before that I have been wrong

& my eyes, dewy with new ideas, flutter to a open place

it causes me to feel

what is love

Reluctantly Brilliant

I’m sorry if you believed the sarcastic joke I just made

you seem to think I hide beneath careful wanderings of masquerade

I was just trying to say something that hadn’t been said

expand my wit, but aren’t we all trying to get ahead?

I wasn’t serious when I said I’d like to write something I could show

so reluctantly brilliant that it’d seem like Van Gogh

I was just trying to open the closed blinds to dark remand

& remind you the best things are those we can’t understand

& as reluctantly brilliant as this all may seem

if you looked the right way, you’d see what I mean

I’m sorry if you take all that I say with a cynical gaze

but you’re caught behind glass walls & five second delays

I was just trying to get you to take life with less shoulder weight

you should sell what you made from your lies & your mistakes

I wasn’t kidding when I told you that you would change your mind

because I understand that to belittle others your soul is inclined

I was just trying to get you to see things from different eyes

maybe now you’ll notice years ago the bowline anchor untied

& as reluctantly brilliant as this all may seem

if you looked the right way, you’d see what I mean.

I’m sorry if I offended you by pointing out what is true

but I needed you to realize what you say you don’t use

I was just trying to make you see that they way isn’t scorn

but I’ve stopped, realized no one can make rhymes with orange

I’m not sorry that you now know what I really think

I’ve wanted to tell you for so long I what I really mean

I was trying the whole time for you to see that you don’t know me

just as I’ll never know why you believe what you preach

& as reluctantly brilliant as this all may seem

because if you looked the right way, you’d see what I mean


oh, you beautiful sloth

you take your time as you climb along

upside down in comparison to most of the world

& yet because of this you see things with your own unique viewpoint

you don’t care how fast the rest of the world might move

because you understand that enjoying each moment

is one of the things that make life beautiful

oh, you beautiful sloth

never stop being all that you are

Into the Night

at the convenience store down on old country road / Jackson rubbed his eyes & wondered why he hadn’t known / that sometimes when you love it turns around & gets off the right track / he never thought she could drive off into the night & never look back

her heart was of gold & her soul seemed so fine / but loyalty in her had lost before it even had tried / & the weight upon her shoulders would never hold / as she sped off alone in the night with the secrets she’d told

Jackson walks back to his car but first looks back / down the street she sped so regally, down with fool’s reckless knack / why had she been so silent, why didn’t she seem to care? / when she sped off into the night like she’d never even been there

Jackson’s engine gurgles to its usual starling haze / as he contemplates making a half-hearted chase / but did she ever love him, or was it all just a show? / as she sped off into the night without answers she owed

as the sun rose she’s having second thoughts / should she go back to him, will she find the love that was sought? / she continues going forward, she’s going to stand for what she was believing / as she sped off into the night with a heart lightened by leaving

Jackson looks up to the freedom lit sun / no one left to drag him down, a new chapter has begun / maybe the two of them will be better off now that / she sped off into the night to never looked back

The Birth of a Dream

hollow hearted hopelessness was created by years of wear & tear

in the sea of broken dreams, I almost sank by the hand of despair

whether I waited days or weeks for this day, I’ll never know why

something inside me sparked a new life & gave me wings to fly

the birth of a dream

feeds the fire of questions shot in all directions

the birth of a dream

sheltered me from the storm by the dark cave’s protection

& in the middle of the night

I take refuge in the birth of a dream

looking back, I find myself questioning how things may have been

but soon I remind myself I shouldn’t think in terms of if

our hearts connected surely but know things are never quite what they seem

but I know none of this would have happened without the birth of a dream

from the moment that the sun rose into my sorrow that ran so deep

I laid awake in bed wondering why, losing sleep

whether I questioned if I had the will to succeed or the courage to even try

was left up to my heart as it was tossed in the air & forced to learn to fly

& it was then, only then

that I discovered what for then had to be seen

that so many wonderful things can bloom

from the birth of a dream

On a Whim

fast paced human race

racing at an indifferent pace

leaving me dreaming in the back

of a new day rising

old times start to mime

they reason for their treason

stopping only to swoop down

grab a soul & go

looking out the window

peeking through the blinds

sentimental connections

between two hopeful minds

& the sky collapsed above me

& the stars all seem to dim

when I first decided it was I would love you

on a whim, on a whim

& the ocean seems to darken

the sun can’t shine as bright as before

hazy moonlight trembled in your eyes when you knew

on a whim

mind flows in a spindle

what must I do to believe you

hard times painted on

my future subscribes

day breaks

what can I do?

sand dripping from between torn thoughts

all I notice I need is you

in my heart

I have always known that there would be someone here but me.

darkened nights alone in my heart

I cry out from within but everyone speeds past unknowing

now here’s my last chance

if I can’t find a way what will I do.

what will I do?

when every breathing moment of being all I’ve ever dreamed of was seeing

all I ever cried out for & all I ever hungered for

was someone to shut out the darkness

was someone to show me the way

was someone to love me

but all along it had only been me

that needed to learn how to love

when I noticed it ran in a constant circle

when I’d tested the waters & seen

the sun can’t shine as bright as before

because your love light surrounds us now

my soul has been saved the darkness has passed

all because I found you

& all because I took the chance & decided to love you

on a whim

The Grass is Greener

today I looked and I saw a path

one that I’d thought I’d lost before

but now I suddenly found it had come back

& tonight when I walked out the back door

I saw that what I thought

was just a figment of things left over from before

stepping across the glassy rocks outside

the grass really is greener on the other side I thought

& I ignored the knowledge of the lies

those who try to tell you

there isn’t something better out there for you

have just never seen that there is

& that there is always room to make things better

so never stop improving

A Jar of Light

a jar of light surrounded by paper cranes

& balloons of all colors floating up into the sky

& sun warmed moonstones grasped in my hands

& magic jars of sparkling candles set out on dewy grass

& stars twinkling with ineffable profundity in the sparkling water at night

filling my soul with hope

& a jar of light filled with fireflies illuminating the night

only you can open the lid & set them free

& let them fly once more in the night

it is a jar of light

& every choice from now regarding it

is yours


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A Thousand Cranes, Volume 3 – Sample Chapter

A Thousand Cranes 3 CS


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A Crane About to Take Flight

the breeze is picking up

can you feel it in the air?

can you feel it in the air?

newborn wings just beginning to flap

flap for the first time

so the crane can fly free in the sky

free with the sun & the moon & the stars

free with the limitless birds

free with the soaring breezes & the gently swaying

meadow grasses

free from the sorrowful gravity that weighs her down

free from the deluging pains of boredom

free like she was intended to be

something wonderful is getting near

can you feel it in the air?

can you feel it in the air?

to freedom she is heading

to freedom she is heading

a crane about to take flight

Stirring in the Darkness

stirring in the darkness

silent call of the lark

over the lake I see the owls flying

calling down to the mice below

off in the distance is a harmonica crying

off to the west is my home

trees like towering warriors

sheltering me from harm

I crouch on the frozen earth

as I clear my path

I’ve suddenly seen through the glass that looks

in the sunlight reflecting on snow

I feel the power of the eternal glow

which all this time I stole, I took

through the dreams I felt at night

I knew no reason for evil or fright

selling what I owned & knowing what I had

I left the city & moved into the presence I’d once known

under the stars like I never knew

I drove on illuminated by the glow

I saw in the heavens my destiny

I saw the path in life I’d take to be free

playing for pleasure & working for joy

I knew what I’d found was hard to come by

light like I’d never known

shone onto the grass & into my soul

every darkened path became visible

as every darkened cloud’s silver lining appeared

the light suddenly faded & I saw the world

just as I’d seen it for many years before

but something in me remained, it wouldn’t be the same

I knew I could never know what darkness was again

stirring in the sunlight

I Want a Sweeping Romance

I want a soaring romance to lift me off my feat

to give me my first taste of what love is like

& when the storm blows I will reside within your arm’s retreat

someone to hold near when midnight the clock must strike

& a new day begins, to know what it feels to look into your eyes

intoxicated by your gaze as I hold your hand

within you the glory of one thousand universal skies

inside your heart you truly understand

but what if I search one hundred thousand miles for you

& still cannot find where your heart waits for me?

will you seek me out just as determined & as true?

I still wait for you, my love, as I hope someday you’ll see

I want a sweeping romance of a love crystal pure

& I will love you with everything I am, this I can assure

Little Secret Moments

little secret moments that no one is aware of

things only visible to my eye at that exact moment in time

because I happened to look a particular way at a particular second

in a particular state of mind

see the tiny blooming mango flower, or the bright red of a magnolia’s seeds

hear the crickets chirping out a melody, hear the wind rustling meadow weeds

a brief second in time in which everything is happy & bathed in perfection

little thoughts that fill my mind during personalized introspection

see the tree leaf falling slowly to the ground or see the sign unnoticed prior

see those people smiling at each other in pure love, the rose in the briar

buildings & special places in the forest where the water glistens

cars passing in the morning, quiet buzzing of bees only heard when you listen

morning light shining in the prism in my window, waves washing up shells from the sea

little things like these that belong only to me


there is so much darkness around me

like walking thru outerspace without light

like driving blindfolded

like walking along the dark dusty highways leading nowhere

the sky is dark & I can’t see what’s in front of me

walking blindly into the unknown

but the stars are just coming out

just appearing upon that sacred horizon

& now I know

that I will find my way

Footprints on the Heart

she sees the sign on the window that reads

you are right”

but anyone watching cannot pick a side, divided by their beliefs

she strums a single note onto the guitar

& all heads turn away from the freed

footsteps removed from the world have far longer to go

he whispers out a note on the wood

underneath the hawk’s nested fool

a forbidden drum beat from beneath his mind’s pool

as he snaps out of his crazy reality

his ears capture & he hears what he thinks he should

footsteps echoed in the hallway of dreams

that night

footsteps on the ocean & buried underneath the truth

copies of our heartbeats & the distant pounding of the hooves

footsteps in the meadow mingling with salted rain’s taste so tart

copies of the depths of our souls & footsteps on the heart

the woman & the man converse freely

without fear of being heard

the flutist in the back of the empty play of words

is forgotten with the night’s embark

as they laughed the melody of time

time itself was hidden in love’s first & last remark

out of the blue

soundtrack for the beginning

kind words of good luck at the end

a spin around in the rest of the earth

& I knew where I had to begin

footsteps on the ocean & buried underneath the truth

copies of our heartbeats & the distant pounding of the hooves

footsteps in the meadow mingling with salted rain’s taste so tart

copies of the depths of our souls & footsteps on the heart


in the beginning

the flowers bloomed without a trace of memories

in the beginning

my time was spent free & carelessly dreaming

in the beginning

I never had to worry

in the beginning I had no knowledge of what was to come

what would turn my world around


I was so naive

never had to plan ahead

I believed that things would always be the way

they had been when I was a child

easy & carefree & without the slightest trouble

yet in my innocence

I did not know what was to come

in the beginning,

I thought that all was well

that the sea was calm,

although a storm was brewing & would turn the tables round

behind the scenes I couldn’t see what conspired

although somewhere in the back of my mind

I had thought of these possibilities

it had never occurred to me that things would be changing

so soon

& time passed like evening flowers blooming

growing every season until

I saw that all this time I was right


it looms above me like a dark shadow

it calls like wild beasts prowling in the night

it ticks like a time bomb at any moment could detonate

it screams like the prisoner alone in the cell

it blots out the sun like a hurricane’s wrath

it hides like the frightened trembling animal

it accepts the blows like Invictus’ captain

it does what is possible to keep hold onto the ship’s railing

it grasps the rope on the side of the mountain

it perseveres like the grass growing ever towards the sun

it climbs to the top of the mountain so it can see the whole wide world

it dances in the sunlight to the invisible music

it smiles & sighs with contentment, crying tears of joy

when the relief of a new day rolls round

& it forges its life from the block of marble

& creates it into what it wants to be

Doing Okay

you know it’s kind of

interesting how it all started

a few days ago

it seemed like it was going to be like every other time

the clouds rolled around & the thunder crashed

& the monsoon rain flooded the sky

& teardrops rolled down from the clouds & splashed against my pillow

it seemed like it was happening all over again

& I couldn’t be bothered to stop it because I knew it was true

but it wasn’t actually a storm

just cloudy skies overhead

& it’s a new emotion

new emotions are often good or at least interesting

I’ve never actually felt this way before

I’m lost & unhappy & frightened & dissatisfied & I don’t know what to do

I’m lost out on the sea alone alone alone

I don’t know where to go any longer

because everywhere I can think of that’s easily reached

is impossible or isn’t worth the effort in the end

& everything worth it is difficult & a little frightening

& I don’t know if it must come to that yet

there’s nowhere for me to go

like I’m standing homeless in the street trying to grasp the things that are mine

but few things belong to me any longer

I’m unhappy with the way things are

filled with various moments of contempt for the monotony of my life

yes just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I’m not bored underneath it all

I’m unhappy with every single day being exactly the same as the day before

every single day being exactly the same as the day before

every single day being exactly the same as the day before

sometimes making progress but never stepping forwards

& yet I don’t know what to do to change it

I’m afraid, so afraid

afraid of asking about what I might want because I don’t want to hurt you

or make things worse for you in your life

but can’t you see this is hurting me?

who must win this in the end?

afraid of trying & only finding more & more of this

but only Emptiness looming behind me & knocking on the door

(behind me behind me, in the past)

& I’m dissatisfied

dissatisfied of being happy & letting myself bask in sunshine for the moment

because I know that until something changes

really, actually, truly changes, I will always fall back upon this

& so I must resolve to remain this way

until I am courageous enough to change it

or else I’ll just keep on coming back to this

& I don’t know what to do

I don’t want to ask & I don’t want to make too drastic a change

I don’t want to hurt you or ruin things forever

I don’t want to have regrets

I’m lost & unhappy & dissatisfied & I don’t know what to do

but I’m not broken & or unusually desperately down, struggling to save myself from drowning or frantically hiding tears rolling down my cheeks, forcing myself to stand straight & hide lying down on the floor under a blanket whenever I can

for now, I’m doing okay

Lying on My Back on My Bed

lying on my back on my bed

my piles of soft blankets

around my arms

engulfing me like a cocoon & caressing

my skin

my dog lies beside my feet on the end of my bed

I watch him breathing softly

upon his face, contentment

my heart fills with adoration for him

pillow soft as a cloud beneath my head

the morning light streams in my window

& my prism, a pendulum dancing upon my wall

casting rainbows across my floor

the air is filled with magic

I could only hope to be as radiant as the sun

& that which inspires me

pretty thoughts fill my mind

today is going to be a good day

Twinkling Lights

starlight in the night

moon glistening on the water

like electrified dolphins caressing the water

beams of electricity sparking across the water

there is reason to hope there is reason to hope

smell the night air gently filling the room

hear the crickets chirping

& smile at the moon

maybe things are not so bad after all

can you remember that first night we were here?

how after weeks of filling boxes & tying up loose ends

how after a tired day of packing the moving truck

outside in the heat, driving all the day

late at night we finally reached our destination?

how we were all tired & sore & dirty & yet we felt wonderful?

How we had a quick pizza & soaked long in the bathtub?

can you remember the first night we were there?

how when I was on the driveway I felt that this time things would be different?

how things would be better?

can you remember the way we felt so safe out there in the sacred darkness

only stars playing witness to our deep emotions & passionate love?

can you remember how we knew, just somehow knew that everything would now be better for us?

& how after the long day & all the trials we faced

we nestled into our warm safe bed

how we looked out the window at the lake behind the house

& we saw the lights from every house surrounding it shining down

sparkling into the water?

remember how beautiful that was?

& the sense of belonging we felt then?


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A Thousand Cranes, Volume 9 – New Poetry Book Released!

A Thousand Cranes 9

Kindle eBook


Genre: Poetry

Paperback: 146 Pages

A Beginning

do you know what it’s like to finally feel like you belong
after drifting emptily onwards in empty forests,
empty cold gray skies of winter?
the lone crane flying, snowflakes fluttering amongst the beating of her wings
I’ve been out in the cold for so long

… but spring has finally come

do you know what it’s like to think that those around you care
that they think of you as a friend & have respect for you
only to later learn it was all a show, all a sham to try & make you join their cause?
the lone person wandering, invisible, & alone – no one sees her, no one hears
I’ve been walking alone for too long

… but now I’ve found a family

do you know what it’s like to look back upon a year ago
when the promise was made, even though I felt it was impossible
& to be able to look back on that now
& honestly say out loud to myself that I made it, I did it?
I’ve been trying to hard to get through this in one piece

… & I finally am starting to be okay

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 9 is a collection of 100 poems.

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A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – New Poetry Book Released!


A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – Kindle eBook

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – Paperback

Genre: Poetry

Paperback: 200 Pages

it’s funny how after she made the big announcement
the announcement that she wasn’t happy where she was
& was so much more than the lame gullible & naive person
completely lacking in personality, the person everyone else thought she was
fake & complacently pretending that she was one of them
… how much respect they gained for her
because by finally having the guts to speak up
& stand up for herself
& ceasing to let others push her around & tell her who she should be
she showed them that she was much more than a puppet
much more than an actress in the drama they were writing
& that she wasn’t going to stand for being disrespected
because she was human
she was vulnerable & had likes & dislikes
she sometimes fell & sometimes flew
& that she wasn’t going to stay where she was, she was going to win
she proved that she was real
& stopped lying to herself & the world around her

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – Kindle eBook

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – Paperback

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 7 – New Poetry Book Released!

Artwork 067


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Genre: Poetry

Series: A Thousand Cranes

Paperback: 228 Pages


Looking Back

looking back
I would never have imagined
that things could ever be this good
but they are

looking back on all those painful nights I cried
with nothing I could do to ease it but keep walking
I never could have imagined I could finally find this
but I did

looking back on all the times I thought it was the end
that there was no way I’d ever be happy, that my life would be a despondent hell
I never could have imagined I could be so happy
but I am

looking back on all those times I tried & fell & struggled to get back up
because I’d tried too many times & didn’t know how much further I could go
I never could have imagined that my life could get better
but it did

& looking back on all the days I felt unworthy of reciprocation
& all the times I wondered what it would be like to have a friend
I never could have imagined that could belong here
as much as you make me feel
I never could imagine that I’d feel as loved
as you make me feel
I never thought I could be as happy as I am now
but I can

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 7 is a collection of 100 poems.



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Olinguitos (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 5) – New Book Published!

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Genre: Juvenile Non-Fiction
Paperback: 24 Pages
Series: Wonderful Wildlife

The olinguito is a small tree-dwelling mammal that lives in South America and has fluffy, reddish-orange fur. They are related to racoons, and many people think they look like a combination between otters and teddy bears. The proper way to pronounce their name is “O-ling-gee-toe.” Their scientific name is Bassaricyon neblina. Neblina is Spanish for “fog.” Learn all about them in this fascinating book for ages 7+.


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10 Things To Think About


1. What ideas might live under your favorite chair
2. Peaceful cacophony
3. What color really is
4. A song which perfectly fits your favorite time of day
5. What you would do if you were the first person to see a shooting star
6. Does time matter in the scheme if things?
7. List three things you could write/photograph/draw/etc that you’ve never recorded before
8. What your favorite word is
9. The perfect name for your favorite tree
10. The fact that anything exists at all