A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – New Poetry Book Released!


A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – Kindle eBook

Genre: Poetry

it’s funny how after she made the big announcement
the announcement that she wasn’t happy where she was
& was so much more than the lame gullible & naive person
completely lacking in personality, the person everyone else thought she was
fake & complacently pretending that she was one of them
… how much respect they gained for her
because by finally having the guts to speak up
& stand up for herself
& ceasing to let others push her around & tell her who she should be
she showed them that she was much more than a puppet
much more than an actress in the drama they were writing
& that she wasn’t going to stand for being disrespected
because she was human
she was vulnerable & had likes & dislikes
she sometimes fell & sometimes flew
& that she wasn’t going to stay where she was, she was going to win
she proved that she was real
& stopped lying to herself & the world around her

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 8 – Kindle eBook

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 7 – New Poetry Book Released!

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Kindle eBook


Genre: Poetry

Series: A Thousand Cranes

Paperback: 228 Pages


Looking Back

looking back
I would never have imagined
that things could ever be this good
but they are

looking back on all those painful nights I cried
with nothing I could do to ease it but keep walking
I never could have imagined I could finally find this
but I did

looking back on all the times I thought it was the end
that there was no way I’d ever be happy, that my life would be a despondent hell
I never could have imagined I could be so happy
but I am

looking back on all those times I tried & fell & struggled to get back up
because I’d tried too many times & didn’t know how much further I could go
I never could have imagined that my life could get better
but it did

& looking back on all the days I felt unworthy of reciprocation
& all the times I wondered what it would be like to have a friend
I never could have imagined that could belong here
as much as you make me feel
I never could imagine that I’d feel as loved
as you make me feel
I never thought I could be as happy as I am now
but I can

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 7 is a collection of 100 poems.



Kindle eBook


Olinguitos (Wonderful Wildlife, Volume 5) – New Book Published!

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Kindle eBook

Genre: Juvenile Non-Fiction
Paperback: 24 Pages
Series: Wonderful Wildlife

The olinguito is a small tree-dwelling mammal that lives in South America and has fluffy, reddish-orange fur. They are related to racoons, and many people think they look like a combination between otters and teddy bears. The proper way to pronounce their name is “O-ling-gee-toe.” Their scientific name is Bassaricyon neblina. Neblina is Spanish for “fog.” Learn all about them in this fascinating book for ages 7+.


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10 Things To Think About


1. What ideas might live under your favorite chair
2. Peaceful cacophony
3. What color really is
4. A song which perfectly fits your favorite time of day
5. What you would do if you were the first person to see a shooting star
6. Does time matter in the scheme if things?
7. List three things you could write/photograph/draw/etc that you’ve never recorded before
8. What your favorite word is
9. The perfect name for your favorite tree
10. The fact that anything exists at all

An Experience – A Poem by Ashlee Craft

From my upcoming book, A Thousand Cranes, Vol. 7



An Experience


sitting in the place I once only knew in dreams

writing the words only mimed in imagination

going they the moments previously unrecorded by my skin

saying the words previously only whispered to the dark in silence

hearing the words that no one told me when I needed to hear them most

experiencing the feelings I feared that I’d never know

I feel vivid creations at my fingertips

& a constantly repeating new beginning


(c) 2014 Ashlee Craft

A Video About My Debut Album


Hello lovely fans! I’m so excited to announce that my debut album, Fields of Destiny is now available on Amazon MP3 for purchase! In this video, I talk about that, as well as give a little background story on my album. I really hope you enjoy it!

Purchase on Amazon MP3

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A Thousand Cranes – Volume 6 – New Poetry Book Released!

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Kindle eBook

Genre : Poetry
Paperback : 206 Pages
From the book -

Clovers in the Sun

I once saw a clover shining in the sunlight
& in the background thru headphones, heroes
were singing about how we could do it
if only we were brave enough
& could be so when the times demanded this of us
if only we could be the heroes of our own stories
when there was no one else around to be our heroes

& like a bolt of stardust
falling from the sky
it hit me; I looked into my reflection
& bravely said
“I love you”

then I repeated this to the whole world & every soul in it
& my life was new

A Thousand Cranes, Volume 6 is a collection of 100 poems to inspire you.

Fields of Destiny Now Available on Amazon MP3!

Fields of Destiny-1

My debut album, Fields of Destiny, is now available for download on Amazon MP3! You can check it out here.

The release of my first album means a lot to me, & not just because releasing an album is exciting. I now feel like I’m really & truly a “legit” musician, & that having an album out is so much more impressive than having released a few singles. I think that releasing an album shows the world that a musician is serious about their songs, & by proving to the world, but most importantly yourself that music is one of your passions & you’re pursuing that – I think that’s really powerful. It inspires you to make more music, to try and outdo all that you’ve done before, to try to be the best that you can be. But even more than that, it ignites your passion towards being a musician in a way that releasing a single or two just doesn’t do – at least for me. An album just seems so epic in comparison, & it really made my day when it was published to Amazon MP3 & became available for all my lovely listeners – that’s you! – to hear. I put a lot of work into the album & it all paid off. I am absolutely in love with my album, & I hope that you will be too. You can stream it for free on  Soundcloud and YouTube, in case you’d like to listen to it in its entirety before checking it out on Amazon.

Here’s the track listing!

1. Great Day (3:16)

2. Shooting Star (3:14)

3. The Strength of Hope (3:26)

4. You’ll Never Own Me (3:50)

5. I Tried in the Night (5:32)

6. I Know You Can Make It (4:23)

7. I’m Going Out to Be Free (8:14)

8. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (5:03)

9. Great Day (Reprise) (1:23)


As always, I hope that you have an absolutely amazing day!

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Everything is Going to Be Amazing – A Poem by Ashlee Craft

Here’s a poem from my upcoming poetry book, A Thousand Cranes – Volume 6.


Everything is Going to Be Amazing


I have doubted the rising sun

until I realized it would always rise again


I have doubted the moon who smiles upon me

until I realized I would always be loved


I have doubted the stars that shine so brightly

until I realized they shine for me


I have doubted the gift of happiness

until I realized it was there for me too


I have doubted the soul inside me

until I realized I was infinite


I have doubted that the future could be good

until I realized everything is going to be amazing now


© 2014 Ashlee Craft

This is a New Chapter



This is a New Chapter

this is a new chapter in my life / things have never been this amazing before / for the first time in my life I really feel like I am getting somewhere / for the first time, I don’t have any shadowing & lingering doubts, no fearful & shrouded questions of whether or not things will be okay / now, there is no doubt in my mind I’m where I’m meant to be

I walked into the dusty room on a late afternoon when the house was silent / doves cooed in the rafters of the old attic; slowly I made my way across the floor to the old wood chest where my grandma kept her things when she was younger / the lid creaked & I opened it revealing Pandora’s box beneath the hidden dust rewritten over the years but still spelling out the same thing / she had left this box to me so long ago (she said inside the box was everything I needed to know for life) & yet I’d never had the courage to open it & see what was inside

& to my surprise my sight fell upon stacks & stacks of books, jumbled together all shapes & colors & sizes / none of the books had any titles on them, elusive mysteries – I reach out & grasp one in my hand, feeling the sun warmed cover in the attic & seeing sparkling yellow glow of dust gently floating like feathers / I open the book & I cannot believe what I see

this book is empty / there is nothing written upon the pages, no inscription / only a black & startling emptiness / I pick up the next book & see that it is empty too / every book is the same / empty / empty / empty / her life advice was nothing; she left nothing to me but blank gaping books & disappointment

I sit on the floor my heart feeling heavy / so her life advice to me has been nothing? so she knew that life meant nothing & was nothing, & that it would be the same way for me? / I let my arm drop to my side & I rest my chin on my knees for a few minutes & breathe in the stale dusty air & feel comforting sunlight kissing my skin

& it is at that moment that it all makes sense to me, & the warmth of the book spreads up my hands & somehow finds its way into my heart & mind / only then do I understand the meaning of this gift

she has not left me nothing, but rather, everything / she has not left me with the idea that life is nothing & that nothing is the only advice she can give me / she instead gave me something much greater than a whole chestful of filled books could provide, nor a thousand hours of unquenched speeches, nor a lifetime of personal experience could give me

she gave me these blank books so that I could fill them with my own story / she gave them to me because she knew that your life only belongs to you & you have to find out the meaning of it for yourself; no one can make your choices for you, no one can help you find the path; no one can be your hero but you / here I came expecting to find heroic words written on paper that would tell me who I should be, but instead, I found a blank canvas / & that is beautiful

perhaps the emptiness is most beautiful of all at the start / where there is nothing you have the ability to create anything / where there is emptiness you have the chance to blot it out with happiness & your own light; you have the chance to make it whatever you want

these books are now mine because she wanted me to find out who I was & to be unafraid to record it & prove to myself my own reality / she wanted me not to rely on the heroism of others, but instead find this strength inside my very own soul, a strength that could sustain me no matter what happened, no matter what the odds were, no matter where I was or what I did / she wanted me to be my own hero

& so I jumped up from the floor, still clasping the first empty book in my hands / I bolted down the stairs, shouting, “I am the captain of my soul!” & as I ran, blotting out the emptiness & loneliness that had plagued me for so long, casting it off me like a dusty cloak & leaving it abandoned on the roof until the rain would wash it away & it would all be in the non-existent past

I grabbed a pen & on the first page I wrote, “today, my life begins” & sitting there on the cool tile kitchen floor, I wrote out the first page of my journey, beginning with my discovery, & ending with a promise

from now on, I am going to be the hero of my story / these blank books are mine to write in / let me fill them up with glorious stories, beautiful loves, impossible miracles that happened anyways, & the everyday profundities of life / but more than that, let me fill them up with the unending promise that no matter what, I am going to be the hero of my story


because after all this time, I’m not afraid anymore

because after all this time, I know I really can do this

& because after all this time, a new chapter has begun


© 2014 Ashlee Craft