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Hello! My name is Ashlee Craft, & I’m an author, musician, artist, actress, cartoonist, director, songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, poet, & an all around creative person. Being happy is the meaning of my life, & I try to do as much as I can everyday to make my life awesome, beautiful, magical, lovely, & amazing.

I am the author of three fiction novels (Dark Hours; Pressure Point; Paper Soul), four YA/Juvenile fiction books (Strange Occurrences; Summer Hayes & the Idol of Neuworth; Samantha; Shipwrecked), four illustrated children’s books (Blossom the Elephant; The Adventures of Sally the Kiwi; Blossom the Elephant Makes a Friend; Sunny Days, Rainy Days), eighteen poetry books (Spring; Winter; Autumn; Summer; Four Seasons; New Life, New Day; Four Roads to Freedom; Reflections in the Green Triangle; Dancing in the Sunlight; The Allure of a Summer Evening; Little Bird; A Thousand Cranes – Volume 1; A Thousand Cranes – Volume 2; A Thousand Cranes – Volume 3; A Thousand Cranes – Volume 4; Christmas Poems; A Thousand Cranes – Volume 5), three juvenile non-fiction books (Manatees; Giant Pandas; Sloths), and three art books (Summer Poetry Art Book; Art Poems – Volume 1; Art Poems – Volume 2). All of my books are available for purchase on Amazon.com, the iBookstore, & Smashwords. When I write, it’s like I can’t type fast enough to keep up with all my ideas, & when I read, I continue falling deeper in love with words.

I am a musician and have released three singles, which feel-good pop/rock songs. My first single is The Strength of Hope, which is available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon MP3. I produced and directed the music video for this song, and this can be found on YouTube. My other singles are Shooting Star & You’ll Never Own Me. Currently, I’m very close to completing & releasing my debut album, which will be called Fields of Destiny.

I have released three short films, Golden Ladders to the Stars & Beyond, Gifts of the Heart, and Yellow Balloons. I wrote, directed, and acted in these films, which are available on YouTube.

I believe that art is a journey. I’m an avid photographer & artist, & I have published my photos and works of art on sites such as Tumblr, DeviantArt, & Zazzle. You can check out my art blog & my photography blog, where I post my newest photos & paintings. I’ve also just gotten into cartooning, & sometime soon I’ll probably make a cartoon blog as well.

I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

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20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for stopping by
    I loove your blog, I’ll follow you ;)
    I am a writer, painter, reiki student, cook, but spiritual human being on top of all

  2. Thank you for all the reblogs, Ashlee. I really appreciate that you like my images. Your have a lovely readable blog. :-)

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